Austria - MVC 260

European Visual and Media Culture

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Enrollment limit

15 students


Arrival in Salzburg - May 5th, 2023

Departure from Salzburg housing - May 31, 2023 (mandatory) 

Course fee


Included in course fee

Lodging while in Salzburg, some meals in Salzburg (breakfast.lunch and dinner Monday through Wednesday and breakfast and lunch on Thursday), all fees for activities in Salzburg, a three and a half day excursion to Berlin (including round trip transportation, all meals, lodging and activity fees) and international health insurance.

Beyond course fee

Travel to and from Salzburg, weekend meals (dinner Thursday through dinner Sunday), personal travel on weekends, and personal spending money. At a minimum students should expect around $1500 flight, transportation to and from the Redlands Schloss and food.

Course Description

In this class, we will engage European visual and media culture by immersing ourselves in the visual cultures of Salzburg, Austria and Berlin, Germany. Most travelers experience foreign visual media through a touristic lens:  “Where am I supposed to go?,” “Is it worth the hype?, “Can I take pictures here?,” “What tags should I use on Insta?.” By contrast, this seminar will help you develop a sophisticated way of engaging with European visual culture, moving beyond surface engagement, enabling you to interact with the visual and media cultures of Salzburg and Berlin in complex and analytical ways.  

Ideas will come alive through conversation, reading, and evocative field trips. For example, we will consider: 

  • How cities capitalize on and are shaped by movie related tourism by taking a Sound of Music tour--one of Salzburg’s most notorious tourist activities. 
  • How new technologies and cultural values have created one of the world’s most dynamic music club scenes in Berlin.
  • How public gardens serve diverse purposes across different historical and cultural moments.  
  • How Holocaust memorials provoke us to ask questions about aesthetics, memory, and national identity.
  • And so much more, from 18thcentury “cabinets of curiosity" to 21st century graffiti.   

Applicable LAIs 

Human Practices (H) and Information and Media Literacy, Introductory (IMLI)