May Term Travel Courses 2021

All May Term 2021 courses have been canceled.

Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains — (Full) CHEM 311: Mile High Chemistry

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

French Polynesia -  (Full) EVST 285: Tetiaroa Geodatabase Project

Faculty: Tim Krantz

Germany - ECON 206: Political Economy of Sustainability in Europe  (Course Canceled)

Faculty: Nicholas Reksten

Greece - JNST: The Greeks War with Troy

Faculty: Nancy Carrick

Guatemala - CDIS 260: - Guatemala Service Learning in Language, Culture, and Education

Faculty: Barbara Conboy

Palau — (Full) EVST 281: The Palau Expedition: Sustaining Life on a Blue Planet 

Faculty: Lei Lani Stelle

Salzburg - (Full) POLI 221: Austrian Social Policy

Faculty: Greg Thorson

Washington, D.C. — POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington, D.C.

Faculty: Eric Mclaughlin and Graeme Auton