Conroy Reynolds

Senior Clinical Professor II, Department Chair, Director of Online Programs, CMHC Program Coordinator
School of Education

Conroy Reynolds


Department of Counseling and Human Services


North University Hall
Room 125B
P: 909.748.8802


I am motivated by the desire to contribute to positive human development through teaching, research and practice.

Area(s) of Expertise

Spirituality, Relationships, Subjective Wellbeing, & Human Development Integrating technology in teaching and learning.

Degrees Held/Licensures

PhD Marriage and Family Therapy

Board Certified Mental Health Chaplain

Certified Online Educator


Reynolds, C., (2013) "Divorce in Antigua and Barbuda” The Cultural Sociology of Divorce: An Encyclopedia, Sage Publications.

Reynolds, C., Knudsen Martin, C., (2015) “Gender and the Construction of Intimacy among Committed Couples with Children” Family Process, 54.2 (Jun 2015): 293-307.

Reynolds, C., Wilson, C., Distelberg, B. (2016) Relational Spirituality and Depression among Married Couples in Antigua. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, Col 19 (6), 506-521.

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT)

Association of Professional Chaplains (APC)

American Counseling Association (ACA)


Family Process Institute: New Writers Fellowship

University of Redlands Information Technology Grant: “Architecture of an Online Course”

University of Redlands Innovation Grant: “A framework for faculty to deliver online courses to students at Extension Campuses.”

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