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From Theory to Practice- An Alumna Experience

"Attending the University of Redlands for my master’s in clinical mental health counseling, was the catalyst to my career working with diverse communities experiencing mental health issues." Hear from an Alumna of our Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, Erica Medina, on how she has taken the lessons she's learned into her Psy.D. program.  

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Video: Master of Arts in Education Learning and Teaching

The Redlands School of Education, through the MALT degree, is dedicated to developing and mentoring compassionate, influential teachers who are driven to contribute to something greater than themselves. The degree pathways allow students to find the specialization for their interests and future success as a teacher. The MALT degree also lays the foundation for a long-term future in education, not only as a teacher but also in leadership roles as well.

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Video: Department of Teaching & Learning, School of Education

Our Teaching and Learning faculty members exude a lifelong love of education, one that they infuse into their instruction and mentorship. They have an advanced grasp on modern teaching methodologies and are researchers, thought leaders, and seasoned teachers themselves. With the School of Education's tight-knit community, students are supported by direct access to these faculty members who care deeply about their success and professional aspirations.

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How to Promote Equity in the Classroom

The concept of educational equity seeks to acknowledge the differences in and uniqueness of our students, examining issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, and ability—many of these intersecting as well. With increasingly diverse classrooms, this requires educators to be aware of how each factor comes into play and influences their classroom and students. 

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Video: School of Education - Empowering Dedicated Educators and System Changers

We welcome those who are called to create change. Those who are unafraid to challenge traditional thought. Those who fight endlessly for equity in education. We embrace those who have the courage to be uncomfortable, and the foresight to solve problems before they arise. Those who choose progress over complacency, no matter what. Creating equity is our calling. What’s yours?

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