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Join us for the 14th annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision (IICCS)

Wednesday, July 29th - Friday, July 31st

The IICCS conference extends a conference series that began at the University at Buffalo in 2005 under the leadership of Larry Shulman and Andy Safyer, then- Editors of The Clinical Supervisor, supported with a small grant from NIDA. After an initial series of conferences at Buffalo, the series then continued for more than a decade at Adelphi University. It now is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Professional Education.

Clinical supervision is the “signature pedagogy” of the mental health professions. But most of the conversations about it in the literature and in conferences have been siloed: They have occurred within disciplines, within countries, and within groups who are primarily practitioners or primarily scholars.

The IICCS is unique in being able to provide the valuable service of bringing together supervision practitioners, educators, and researchers from across the spectrum of mental health professions and from around the world to have dialogues and create synergies that are otherwise not possible.

We are meeting virtually this year, which offers both opportunity and challenge. The opportunity is to involve more people internationally than has been possible in the past and to convene without the usual travel and lodging costs. The challenge is to capture as much as possible the interactions and conversations that occur during face-to-face conferences. We intend to meet that challenge!