Students may combine the master's degree and the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or earn a master's degree only. Credential candidates must possess a teaching or service credential and have passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test. Credential candidates who have been recommended for an administrative appointment in a district may be eligible for an administrative internship.

Provides theoretical and practical coursework in school leadership for both public and private K-12 education. Students have the option to integrate the Preliminary Administrative Services credential into the program. Administrative, counseling, and methodology courses are complemented by a rigorous fieldwork requirement.

The Masters in Educational Administration is designed to produce school leaders that understand the pluralistic society with the intersections of racial and cultural diversity, gender differences, sexual orientation, and other educational justice issues that arise in today’s society. This program will prepare reflective leaders that understand educational equity and access through systematic innovation.

Program Overview

Master of Arts in Education, Educational Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

This two-year program provides you theoretical and practical coursework in school leadership for both the public and private K-12 education. You may earn this master's degree with or without the Preliminary Administrative Services credential.

Coursework & Pathways

Master's Degree with Credential

The Master's Degree and the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential in a combined program is 36 units:




Education administration students have a few credentialing options depending on years of service in K-12. 

Option 1: Letter of Completion

Candidates who have not yet completed 5-years of service will receive a letter of program completion (issued by the University of Redlands). Letters of completion will be mailed to the address listed in your U of R profile and a digital copy will be emailed once all grades have posted. Candidates should request a recommendation for a Certificate of Eligibility or a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential upon completion of 5-years of service at a district.

Option 2: Certificate of Eligibility

An individual who has completed credential requirements but does not have an offer of employment in an administrative position may apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (issued by CTC), which verifies completion of all requirements for the preliminary credential and authorizes the holder to seek employment as an administrator. The Certificate of Eligibility has no expiration date. 

Option 3: Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Candidates who have completed all credential requirements and have an offer of employment may apply to be recommended for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

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