Although a California teacher credential is not required for the PPS Credential, meeting basic educational skills requirement is a prerequisite to enter the program. Also, candidates for the PPS program must apply for a Certificate of Clearance and need evidence of a negative TB test dated within the past two years when they initially enroll in the program.

Pupil Personnel Service Credential

Counseling, theory and methodology coursework provides general counseling preparation for public and private school service for students who already have a master’s degree.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Program Overview

Applicants who already have a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and who wish to receive a PPS Credential must complete the following CCTC-approved courses. The PPS credential requires a total of 30 units and 600 hours of fieldwork. Pupil Personnel Services credential candidates must ensure at least two-thirds of their fieldwork hours are completed in K–12 school settings. A minimum of 200 hours must be conducted in a high school or high school-to-college transition setting.


Program Learning Outcomes

Gainful Employment Information 

For programs that meet federal Title IV eligibility, University of Redlands is required by the U.S. Department of Education to post the Gainful Employment (GE) required information (program information, completion rates, program cost, and median loan debt). To view this information please click here.