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The School of Continuing Studies (SCS) at the University of Redlands believes that enriching, career-focused educational opportunities should be available to all. 

Whether you're a busy professional ready to advance your career, a social justice activist, an organization seeking customized instruction, a mental health professional interested in continuing education credits for APA, or a lifelong learner eager to explore new horizons, the School of Continuing Studies has you covered. 

Conveniently offered online and at our seven regional Southern California campuses, our engaging certificate programs, general education courses, and professional development opportunities bring you one step closer to your academic, personal, and career goals. 

For more information on our certificate programs please visit our Certificate Programs page. 

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Fall 2023 Session Two 
BUSCS/SPCL-136 Excel Essentials I
BUSCS/SPCL-137 Financial Literacy Essentials 
BUSCS-323 Managing & Resovling Conflict
EDUCCS-331 Child Development 
HRCS-316 Ethics in HRM 
LEADWI-401 Trans-Affirming 
Fall 2023 Session Three
ACCTCS-310 Intermediate Accounting I 
ACCTCS-415 Tax Accoutning 
BUSCS/SPCL-138 Visual Persuasion 
BUSCS-311 Supply Chain MGMT Logistics 
BUSCS-325 Org Leadership Principles & Practice 
BUSCS-341 Marketing Research 
BUSCS-343 Internet & Social Media Marketing 
BUSCS-364 Pitching the Startup 
BUSCS-611 BLA Problems, Insights, & Solutions 
CYBCS-325 Threat Landscape & Cyber MGMT 
HRCS-312 Employee Recruitment & Selection 
LEADWI-402 Creating Safe Spaces 
PMCS-302 Project Leadership & Teambuilding 
PMCS-305 Project Management Practicum 
URAWI-506X Spiritual Journeys in Chronic Illness 
Fall 2023 Session Four 
ACCTCS-421 Govt & Non-Profit Accounting 
HRCS-317 Risk MGMT & Workers Comp 
LEADWI-406 Building Bridges: Religion