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The School of Continuing Studies offers hundreds of enriching courses throughout the year across 25 in-demand subjects, including business, education, healthcare, leadership, math, project management, and science. 

These courses are ideal for the curious and goal-oriented learner, as they build diverse foundational knowledge and skill in each subject. Courses are offered at varying levels, and many are also conveniently offered online, fitting seamlessly within any schedule. All courses are available to the general public. 

These courses may also be applied as general education or elective credit to an undergraduate degree program. If you are interested in receiving credit for your course, please consult your University of Redlands academic advisor directly to ensure its applicability to your degree program. 


Why are general education and elective courses so important? 

In addition to their potential to translate into degree-earning credit, general education and elective courses open up the possibility of what you can do academically. They help to shape your perspective, building critical thinking, problem-solving, organizational, and verbal and written communication skills that are highly sought after in both the academic and professional worlds. 

General education and elective courses also represent the unique opportunity to follow interests outside of your current academic or career path. This can help you find a niche, mold how you apply information in your field, and broaden your horizons on what is actually possible in a subject area. This multidisciplinary focus makes you a more nimble learner and doer. 

Those courses reflect the mission at the School of Continuing Studies - that learning is not always linear and an education should be available to all. Explore the subject areas below to find a dynamic course that best fits your interests and goals. 


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Register for a General Education Course with the School of Continuing Studies

Expand your academic horizons, build skills for your career, earn credits toward an undergraduate degree, or simply engage in the love of learning. The general education and elective courses in the School of Continuing Studies can help you do all of these things and more. 

Get started by exploring our course offerings across 25 subject areas, and register for one that fits your schedule, interests, and goals. 

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