About AWI

Our Mission and Vision

Empowering social visionaries to create a more connected world

All around the world, there are emerging leaders, like you, who are moved to take action. All too often, causes are started with great passion, but do not create any real or lasting change.  The visions that do succeed in the long run are rooted in meaningful human connectivity and strong fundamentals in running an organization.  They also have strong spiritual foundations connecting them to each other and to a higher purpose. 

We believe that spirituality is critical to the foundation of great leadership. Awareness of the meaningful connections we all share allows us to collectively build and transform communities. We saw the need for an educational forum that could bring these aspects of success together—where the fundamentals of wisdom and experience are bridged with cutting-edge business skills and then applied immediately in a community context.

So the Applied Wisdom Institute was born.

Our mission is simple: to inspire, educate and empower a rising generation of social change agents. We believe that change is not only sparked but sustained through the combined power of wisdom and spirituality. We will challenge you to uncover and embrace emotional courage, entrepreneurial skills, authentic leadership, empathy, inclusivity, and experiential wisdom to fuel your vision.



We believe that wisdom is gained through experience. Applying what you’ve learned is everything. The Applied Wisdom Institute is a praxis-oriented training ground for social action where we challenge our students to grow through hands-on learning and cross-pollination of ideas with others in their cohort. With every course, seminar, or certificate, you will reach new depths of understanding and new heights in your ability to create change. This is an educational space for people who feel a deep resonance in their soul to leave the world a better place than they found it.


Often wisdom and ethics are not fully appreciated for their roles in successful movements and organizations and consequently are rarely taught. However, we believe that spirituality is critical to the foundation of great leadership. Awareness of the meaningful connections we all share allows us to collectively build and transform communities. The Applied Wisdom Institute’s Thought Leaders model how spirituality can initiate and sustain positive change.


The two most common experiences of a social entrepreneur are loneliness and frustration: loneliness because one’s spirit yearns to make a difference for people who need it; frustration because passion does not always come with competencies in communication and business acumen. We are intentionally creating a community of people to surmount that- people who understand the isolation of a vision, and the problems of carrying out that vision because of a lack of resources in financials and skills.

Top scholars and fellow students will share not only their intellectual capital, but their real-world experience in creating an online and face-to-face experience of shared competencies and like visions to make us all better. The goal is the creation of a network of connected and caring people who support one another in their passion projects for the good of our common humanity.


Our model is simple and effective: Learn + Apply + Collaborate. Immerse yourself in a learning experience led by expert faculty. Apply your skills in your community context with a professional mentor. Collaborate with your peers and partners to develop a well-connected network.