The M.M. in Pedagogy is a graduate degree program tailored for the 21st-century private studio teacher and to provide the skills needed to develop, market, and maintain a private teaching studio of their own. Through the applied pedagogy courses, students will gain valuable teaching experience with clients from diverse backgrounds and ability levels.

Practical experience in teaching is integrated with pedagogy coursework. Faculty feedback in workshops and applied teaching sessions provide individualized mentoring for maximum professional growth. This degree specifically focuses on the students primary performance area and on studio teaching as opposed to classroom teaching.

The MM in Pedagogy is offered for voice, piano, and string instruments only. 

The pedagogy degree requires 30 credits distributed as follows:

  • MUS 600 Graduate Studies in Musicology - 3 credits
  • MUS 601 Graduate Studies in Music Theory - 3 credits
  • MUS 658 Psychology of Music - 3 credits
  • MUS 659 Introduction to Methods - 3 credits
  • MUS 639 Applied Music Pedagogy - 9 credits
  • 600 level MUS electives - 3 credits
  • MUAP Applied Studies - 6 credits
  • MUS 695 Final Project - 0 credits
  • MUS 699 Final Examination - 0 credits

An audition is required for admission. Consult the audition requirements document for more information.

All graduate students must take the Graduate Entrance Examination in music theory. Based on the outcome, students may be required to register for MUS 600.

For more information regarding the M.M. in Pedagogy contact Professor Louanne Long at