Keldon Sorvig

Technical Director, Administrator
Theatre Arts

Photo of Keldon Sorvig


Masters of Architecture, University of Colorado at Denver, 
Denver, Colorado

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Colorado State University, 
Fort Collins, Colorado


Theatre Arts Building
P: 909.748.6351

Meet Keldon

Keldon holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelors of Fine Art from Colorado State University. Having spent many years working on architectural design and build projects, Keldon has brings a variety of practical and thoughtful knowledge and experience to the world of Theatre. He continues to explore the stage environment through the positions of Technical Director, Scenic Designer, Stagecraft Professor and Shop Carpenter. With an emphasis on collaboration, Keldon is deeply rooted in design and construction and the implementation of artistic and spatial worlds. His classroom lectures are supported by the skills he actively practices: design and production process, drafting, metal working and fabrication, carpentry, welding, blacksmithing, casting, plastic forming, rigging, photography and knot tying. He is passionate about the exploration of built environments and the interaction between actors and acting places. Keldon is committed to sharing in a way that refines the collective skills of teaching, building and experiencing Theatre.
Each show brings a different level of involvement and experience and is a form of learning and exchange. The immediate goal is to rise to each occasion and work together to achieve a production that can stand on its own, while challenging skills and learning new methods and materials. In addition, one of the most enticing aspects about Theatre is knowing that the current path will give rise to a specific version, while under different circumstances the show could be something completely different.