Big Brother Hamlet

Adapted & Directed by Chris Beach

takes the themes of “omniscience” found in Shakespeare’s script - - God, the Supernatural, King and Kingdom - - and connects them with today’s most “omniscient entity,” surveillance technology.  Set in the future, the kingdom of Elsinore is destabilized by corrupt leadership, and though surveillance technology gives the illusion of control, paranoia abounds. Throughout the play young Hamlet struggles to know the difference between information and truth.

BIG BROTHER HAMLET'S principle scenic element is computer projection mapping: a drone appears on stage and projects live audience images, onstage programmers take shifts at a laptop during the show, the projected ghost of Hamlet’s father moves and changes throughout the space, Hamlet’s journey to England is tracked as a blue dot on a map, and more.

Live and prerecorded projections, cell phones and cameras, even puppets lend the play its appearance of facts, evidence and knowledge. But some things are simply beyond our knowing.

March 31, April 1, 7 & 8, 2017 at 8:00 pm
April 2 & 8, 2017 at 2:00 pm
In the Frederick Loewe Theatre 

Director Chris Beach
Scenic Design Doug Hammett
Costume Design Deborah Bradford
Lighting Design Trevor Norton
Sound Design Anthony Suter
Fight Choreography Dr. Terry Donovan Smith
Assistant Director Alyssa Reamy
Stage Management Jennifer Thurman


The Cast

Cladudius Chris Beach
Gertrude Dr. Heather King
Polonius & Grave Digger Dr. Steve Morics
Hamlet Alex Bueermann
#Brandon Leavitt
Ophelia Marinda Convis
#Caroline Boyll
Horatio Sean Dunnington
Rosencrantz Allison Torrance
#Anna Klein
Emily Wright
#Peter Morics
Laertes & Voice of Ghost Tommy Stanley
First Player Alyssa Reamy
Player Prologue &
Grave Digger II
Peter Morics
#Emily Wright
Cornelius & Player Queen Lise Bryn
#Meriam Shams
Osric Thomas Cone
#Lise Bryn
Player Queen & Priest Leigh Kilgus
#Angie Petschek
Onstage Computer Analyst &
Angie Petschek 
#Leigh Kilgus
Regina & Lucianus Anna Klein
#Allison Torrance
Messenger Meriam Shams
Ensemble Brandon Leavitt
#Alex Bueermann
#Thomas Cone

Roles will be played by cast members with # beside their names on the April 1st (evening) & April 8th (matinee) performances