Twelfth Night or What You Will

By William Shakespeare

November 16-20, 2006

Director Steve Shade
Scenic Designer Snezana Petrovich
Costume Designer Deborah Bradford
Lighting Designer Dan Cork


The Story:
Shakespeare's celebration of the madness of love and the transience of time brings together a lovesick duke, a grieving countess, an upwardly-mobile servant, and a pair of identical twins. Viola masquerades as her twin brother, believed perished in a shipwreck, in order to serve the Duke with whom she secretly falls in love.

In the U of R production, the place takes the form of Viola's fantasy - what she wills - separated from her brother when their passenger vessel wrecks on its journey to California during the mid-19th Century Gold Rush.

The production also included live music and some of Shakespeare's most memorable songs, including "O Mistress Mine", "Come Away", and 'When That I Was A Little Tiny Boy".


Viola Angela Doner
Sebastian Bradley Markano
Malvolia Brandon Lambert
Sir Andrew Chip Gross
Antonio Chris Rosenberg
Feste David Dickerson
Sir Toby Derek Delmar
Orsino Dustin Lovell
Captain/Priest Gary Tipton
Maria Jesse Teplow
Fabian Landry Barb II
Second Officer Matthew Taylor
Olivia McKenna Kaiser
Olivia's Servant Megan Quinn
Curio Nicholas Zaharopoulos
Valentine  Sean Cork
First Officer Toby Seisler
Olivia's Servant  Yvette Magallon
 Musician (Clarinet)  Adrian Villicana
Musician (Piano) Eric Chu


Production Team:

Assistant Director Michael Trobisch
Stage Manager Eric S. Rodriguez
Assistant Lighting Designer Kyle Ledesma
Technical Director Dan Cork
Music Director Chip Gross
Sound Designers Nicholas Malenka
Geoff Skinwell