The Blue Moose Opera

Theatre Arts Spring 2007 Mainstage Production. A collaboration between the Theatre Arts Department and the School of Music.

March 29 - April 1, 2007

Director Marco Schindelmann
Story Daniel Pinkwater
Music Daniel Tucker
Ballet Interlude MLuM
Conductor Co Nguyen
Choreographer  Jo Dierdorff
Set Designer Snezana Petrovic
Costume Designer Nephelie Andonyadis
Lighting Designer Dan Cork


In the grand tradition of commissioning works of art to celebrate significant events, the University of Redlands has commissioned an opera intended to reach audiences young and old. The Blue Moose is based on the novel by renowned author and National Public Radio commentator, Daniel Pinkwater, with music by the Chicago Composer, Daniel Tucker. Mr. Pinkwater has also written the libretto.

The work was directed by Artist Professor of Opera and Voice, Marco Schindelmann and premiered on March 29, 2007 as part of the University's Centennial Celebration.

The Blue Moose tells the story of a little restaurant at the edge of the big woods where a man named Mr. Breton happily runs the restaurant. Mr. Brenton likes to cook but he doesn't like it when the townspeople don't compliment him on his cooking.

One day, Mr. Breton invited a blue moose, who didn't like the cold, in to the restaurant and served him clam chowder. The moose, who enjoys the soup, decides to stay and become Mr. Breton's waiter. From this time on, things at the restaurant begin to hum.


Narrator Nick Zaharopoulos
Mrs. Bobowicz Michelle Abbott
Roya Clune
Marte Riley
Moose Luvi Avendano
Chip Gross
Dave Printyce Ragland
Marco Schindelmann
Mr. Breton Peter Tupou
Julio Carrillo 
Yetta Rebeca Sulek 
Krystle Casey
Jennifer Martin
Yuppies Jasmine Alvarez 
Marie Anello 
Megan Boyle 
Veronica Davila 
Matthew Davis 
Julio Carrillo 
Luvi Avendano 
Serena Standley 
Todd Montemayor 
Bryan Plummer 
James Borsky 
Samantha York 
Chip Gross
Moosketeers Emily McGowan 
Lindsey Nielsen 
Tony Phonethibsavads 
Kevin Lopez 


Dancers Cher Anabo (Captain)
Landry Barb
Sarah Beymer
Emily Hazlett 
Robyn O'Dell 
Nathan Riley 
Tracey Tom-Hoon
Musicians Chung Shih Hoh (guqin) 
Michael Raco-Rands (Electric Bass, Laptop)
Marco Schindelmann (Laptop)
Vocals Megan Boyle 
Veronica Davila 
Marco Schindelmann
Serena Standley 



Violin I Pavel Farkas
Gerald Whitney
Todd Montemayor
Nori Crystal
Douglas Dickey
Bass Jordan Robinson
Scott Stellar
Flute Elizabeth Jolly
Violin II Casey Yoshitake
Elizabeth Hollis
Megan Linderman
Jameson Tucker
Lain Rubin
Paul Perthus
Oboe  Ilana Cofield
Clarinet Adrian Villicana
Viola Lindsay McIntosh
Matthew O'Rane
Bassoon Kevin Eberle
Horn Jens Hering
Cello  Daniel Muliken
Caitlyn Chenaulty
Craig Colclough
Percussion Ivan Aviles