"Living Out"

by Lisa Loomer

Directed by Dr. Victoria Lewis.

Nov. 17-20, 2005

"Living Out" is a razor sharp comedy exploring the lives of two mothers from very different cultures. Nancy is a white entertainment lawyer who lives in west L.A. and needs someone to help care for her new baby. Ana is an out-of-work Salvadoran who lives in east L.A. and is in need of a job. Both women work hard to ensure better lives for their children. Through all of their challenges--cultural, economic, social--these women build a relationship of respect and caring, but can it survive every challenge?


Ana Hernandez Roxanna Medina
Nancy Robin Jesse Teplow
Bobby Hernandez Orlando Beltran
Richard Robin Andrew Morishige
Wallace Breyer Laura K. Conner
Zoila Tezo Diana Eneriz
Linda Billings Farzam Angela Doner
Sandra Zavala Diana Lopez


Production Team:

Director Victoria Lewis
Assistant Director Colin Featherston-Wilkinson
Stage Manager Benjamin Howard
Assistant Stage Manager Tanya Apuya
Production Technical Director Stacy Hennon
Set Design Mina Kinukawa
Costume Design Deborah Bradford
Assistant Costume Design Ashley Garcia
Light Design Ashley Thompson
Sound Design Regina Kevorkian
Alex Muro
Dramaturgy Allison Frost