Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Business

The Theatre Business major draws its foundations on a solid footing in theatre arts theory and practice as well as entrepreneurial skills from the department of business. Majors are trained in both theatre arts and business practices. A minimum of 48 credits is required for completion of the major. Classes listed as “or” are intended to be self-directed toward area of study of student with guidance of his or her advisor.

Core Courses in Theatre Arts (24 credits): 
  • THA 105/205/305 Production Credit (1–4) (2 sections) (two different experiences for a minimum of 2 credits)
  • THA 105 Production Credit: Actor’s Lab (2)
  • THA 125 Stage Design Fundamentals (4) or THA 130 Introduction to Theatre Technology (4)
  • THA 140 Acting Fundamentals (4)
  • THA 230 Theatre Management (4)
  • THA 251 Changing Stages: Theatre History Part 1 (4)
  • THA 252 Changing Stages: Theatre History Part 2 (4)
Core Courses in Business (20 credits)
  • ECON 101 Principles of Economics (4) 
  • BUS 136 Principles of Global Marketing (4)
  • ACCT 210 Principles of Financial Accounting and Reporting (4)
  • BUS 310 Principles of Management and Organization Behavior (4)
    or BUS 430 Human Resource Management (4)
  • BUS 304 Non-Profit Management (4) or BUS 369 (a topics course approved by the department) (4)
Internship Requirement  (0-4 credits)

Each student will complete an internship with a professional theatre company or will create an internship involving a University sponsored event. Internships must be completed in Junior year or in the fall of Senior year. Students’ internship experience will be connected with their written capstone experience.

Capstone Experience (4 credits)
  • THA 425 Theatre Arts Senior Seminar (4)

Capstone requirement will include a specific business element based on the specifics of each student’s capstone with at least one committee member from the theatre faculty and one from the business administration faculty.