William Huntley Jr

Religious Studies

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Ph. D, Duke University Graduate School, Biblical Studies

B. D., Yale University Divinity School, Theological Studies

A. B., Duke University- Trinity College, Major: History


Larsen Hall
P: 909.748.8682
E: bill_huntley@redlands.edu

Academic Interests

Reflections on wedding ceremonies which I have conducted and others which I wish I had performed

Professional Background

My graduate training was in Biblical studies, especially the books of the Hebrew canon, including a course on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Later in 1974 I was hired to teach world religions at the University of Redlands. Thereafter my research interests at the Huntington Library in San Marino on the religion of Thomas Jefferson. When I was sent to Japan in 1986 I discovered a life time interest in the history, religions, and literature of that nation. I taught for two years, then took 12 January or May term classes to Japan, publishing about eight articles on Japan.


Courses Taught

World Religions (REL 125) is an introductory survey to seven religions, open to freshman and also designed for Asian Studies majors. Course fulfills the Humanities-Philosophy (HP) and the Cross-cultural (CC) categories of the Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF).

The Eagle and the Crane-Japan and America (First Year Seminar) gives students the opportunity to explore the relationship between Japan and the United States in the modern period with a series of flashback to previous times in the development of art, literature, politics, and history. The course is designed to enable students to develop research, writing, and oral presentations. It carries a WB in the Liberal Arts Foundation.

Church History (REL 208) Through studying key figures, movements, and themes, students will learn about the origins, historical development, major controversies, and emergent trends that shape the Christian teaching and praxis. Attention will be given to social, political, economic, global, and cultural analysis.

Introduction to Meditation (REL 210) This course, which is primarily experiential, introduces students to a range of meditation methods and contemplative practices.

Religions in Europe (REL 226) Designed as a travel course for May Term, this course journeys to European cities and deals with several religions found there. A daily journal is required, discussing readings done in preparation, interviews with locals, and visits to churches, museums and marketplaces.

Ancient/Biblical Hebrew (REL 241) is offered for students who may have studied Hebrew before, but mainly students who enroll are ones who want to complement their language studies with a Semitic language, which offers very different vocabulary with three letter roots, which can be found in nouns, verbs, adjectives and even a few adverbs. We start the first week with the new alphabet (alef-beth) and progress over the semester, so that we have read the entire book of Ruth.

Hebrew Scriptures in English Translation or Old Testament Literature ( REL 307) The course fulfills the second stage of writing (WB) for students. The attention to the literary development over the thousand years of writing that comprises the books of the Hebrew canon satisfies a Humanities-Literature (HL) category. Since we look at issues of race, class, and gender in ancient times and writings about them in modern times, the course fulfills the DD category in the Liberal Arts Foundations (LAF).

Japanese Religion and Arts (REL 325) This course will give students the opportunity to read about Japanese religions and art forms, then visit religious settings and museums. Meanwhile, we will be visiting Japanese schools and given the opportunity to teach Japanese children and university students by engaging in discussions.


Travel Abroad Teaching Experience

Salzburg semester- Ethical Themes in Literature Spring 1982 

Waseda University – Religions of Japan and America 1986-87

Reitaku University "Using Erickson's conflict theory in Growing up in America (l989)

Salzburg May Term- Old Testament Lit., Journal writing, Holocaust Lit May 1997, May 2008, and May 2016

UK May Term 2014 with Nancy Carrick and James Malcolm

Interim and May Terms travel classes to Japan15 times during the period l990-2015

Professional Experience

The Will C. and Effie M. Crawford Professor of Religion

Chair Dept of Religion, recently 1997-2008

Director, Asian Studies Program 1990-2002

Faculty Review Committee, 4 terms of two years each from 1985-2001

Curriculum Committee, 1977-79, again after twenty years, 1998-2000

Other Administrative Experience

Associate Dean and Visiting Professor International Division of Waseda University, 1986-87.

Director, Jameson Center for the Study of Religion and Ethics, University of Redlands, 1978-81.

Acting Chaplain, 1977-78.

Chair, Curriculum Committee, University of Redlands, 1977-79 During the beginning of a new core curriculum.

Dean of Students, Westminster College, Fulton MO, 1972-74.

Chaplain, Westminster College, Fulton, MO. l964-74.

Dean, Division of Humanities, Westminster College, Fulton, MO, 1969-1972.

Line Officer, United States Navy, l955-58 on USS Iowa and Staff Commander SECOND FLEET.


"Sabbatical Project on the Hebrew Language: My Adventure in learning, remembering, and teaching (1959-2018)". (2017)

"Reflections and Photographs on REL 226 (Religions of Europe)". (2016)

"Reflections and Photographs on Japanese Religions and Arts". (2015)

Annotating an album"  A summary of 100 weddings in which I officiated or wish  I had performed. (2010)

"Reflections on a May term travel" course REL 226 to London, Ireland and Scotland". (2014)

Riding a float in the Rose Bowl Parade" (Jan. 2007) submitted for publication to New Yorker.

"The Dead Sea Scrolls" (2007, San Diego Alumni Gathering) Presentation with Dr. Lillian Larsen.

"Reflections on a May term Traveling Course to Japan and India" (2005) with Professor Pani.

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"Experiencing Japan, 1986-2002." (2002)

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"201 Verbs Appearing in Chinese and Japanese" began in 2002 with Eugene Ching, still in progress.

Book Reviews

Tale of Murasaki

"Buddhism in Practice" a review of D. S. Lopez Education about Asia (Winter l998).

with Yasuyuki Owada, a review of "Asia: Case Studies in the Social Sciences, A guide for Teaching," The Asian Network Exchange IV.

1 (March l996). "The Disappointed," a review of Seventh Day Adventism, Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. VII, l988).

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