Summer Research Projects

The following is a list of recent summer projects by physics majors.


Year     Project Student(s)/Advisors(s)
2018 Astronomical Imaging and Transits Using a Small Grade Telescope Noah Jones and Jason Gonsalves w/ Dr. Nordgren
  Modeling Oceanographic Moorings with Catenary Curves Oni Zhang w/ Dr. Hoecker-Martinez
2016 Evaluate and Improve the Research-Grade Scanning Tunneling Microscope Larry Dang w/Dr. Hill
  Deconvolution of IRTF Observations of Jupiter's Moon Io Hannah Wernher w/Dr. Rathbun
  Quantitative Measurements of Active Ionian Volcanoes in Galileo NIMS Data Sebastian Saballett w/Dr. Rathbun
  Measuring Light Pollution Levels Around Redlands and Campus Erik Mathison w/Dr. Nordgren
2015  Optimizing a Scanning Tunneling/Capacitance Microscope  Jonathan Paez and Mark Tumlinson w/Dr. Hill
2014 Developing and Testing a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Advanced Lab Jonathan Paez and Spencer Fuller w/ Dr. Hill
2013 Detecting ExtraSolar Planets Erik Davies and Antwain Morgan w/ Dr. Nordgren and Dr. Rathbun
2012 Development of Advanced Physics Lab using Lock-In Amp, LabVIEW, and Loaded Strings Francis Acquaye and Michael Garcia
w/ Dr. DeWeerd and Dr. Hill
  Installation and CCD Imaging of the Astronomy Student Taylor Robotic Observatory (ASTRO) Erik Davies and Benjamin Kidder
w/ Dr. Nordgren and Dr. Rathbun
2011 Edge Flames in Micro-Combustion: Modeling Hot Spots Along Channel Walls Duncan Ashby w/ Dr. Bieri
  Calibration of Observation Deck Amanda Nussbaum w/ Dr. Nordgren

Computer Modeling of the Princeton Micro-Combustion Experiment in Order to Understand Extinction and Re-ignition Patterns

Casey Peters w/ Dr. Bieri
2010 Identifying active Ionian volcanoes during New Horizons flyby Kyle McMillian w/ Dr. Rathbun
  Developing Muon Physics Advanced Labs Michael Nadal w/ Dr. DeWeerd
  Designing Spatial Localization and Room Acoustics Labs for an Introductory Acoustics Class Amanda Nussbaum w/ Dr. Hill

Experiments in Quantum Optics

Josh Cunningham w/ Dr. DeWeerd
2008 Testing and Refining a Scanning Tunneling Microscope Chris Adams w/ Dr. Hill
  Exploring the Geophysics of Planetary Bodies Emily Dahlberg w/ Dr. Rathbun
  On the surface activities of Jupiter's moon Europa

Nathaniel Rodriguez w/ Dr. Rathbun