Course Descriptions

MVC 101 Introduction to Media & Visual Culture Studies.
Introduces students to the critical study of visual culture and the spectrum of media. Provides basic grounding in visual competency (i.e. the formal, semiotic and ideological analysis of visual expression and communication) and in the critical analysis of film, television, radio, interactive media and participatory media.

MVC 111 Introduction to Film
An introduction to film and film theory, this course provides students with a foundational critical vocabulary for the analysis of film and positions contemporary American and international cinema in its broader historical and cultural contexts.

MVC 164 Topics in Media & Visual Culture Studies
Introduces students to special topics, themes, or projects in the fields of critical media studies and visual culture studies, including film series and courses that combine practical and critical-theoretical elements. May be repeated for credit given a distinct topic. Offered as needed.

MVC 211 Screen Genres
Introduces the concept of genre and how it has been understood in film and media studies, exploring the basis for generic categorization, engaging with debates over contested categories (such as film noir, the women's film, and melodrama), and examining specific instances of one or more genres. 

MVC 213 Sports, Media & Culture
Analyzes the relationship between sport and its coverage and representation in print, radio, film, television, and now the Internet, and how that convergence has influenced various cultural dynamics. Offered as needed.

MVC 264 Special Topics in Media & Visual Culture Studies.
Focuses on special topics, themes or projects in the fields of visual and media studies, including courses that combine critical and creative or production elements.

MVC 395 Research Methods
The first part of a two-semester capstone experience in Spring of the student's junior year (or by permission in the Fall), this course
focuses on research skills, methodology, and best practice in the interdisciplinary field of Media & Visual Culture Studies.

MVC 495 Senior Seminar.
The first part of a two-semester capstone experience, within which students build upon, integrate, and extend previous MVC work through the design and development of a research paper or project.

MVC 499 Honors Research Project.
Students with a 3.5 GPA in the major may propose an honors project, growing out of their capstone essays, in December of their senior year. Those approved to pursue honors take MVC 499 in Spring.