Media & Communication

Media & Communication brings together faculty from across the campus who teach and research topics such as media theory, gender and power in media, television, visual anthropology, and cultural representation.  As in many programs at liberal arts colleges, students in MECM will learn from a range of faculty with different backgrounds, getting a broad, liberal education while also deepening their understanding of media and culture.  The majority of classes in the major have a primarily critical focus: students are asked to engage in the analysis of media including radio, television, photography, sound recordings, film, and digital artifacts while learning both media literacy and visual competency, the core skills of majors. 

MECM has worked to create a distinctive learning environment for students.  Students have access not only to faculty from across the campus who specialize in media analysis but also to internship opportunities on campus at the radio station and in marketing.  They can work in broadcast and publication contexts through live-streaming of sports events and writing and editing for the school newspaper. Students have various opportunities, in the classroom and beyond, to gain practical skills in media production that they can then use to enter our Redlands Film Festival.  Students at Redlands are geographically well-placed to attend workshops put on by professionals in the media industry, get internships at radio and television stations and in film production companies and studios, and volunteer at global events including the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  A vibrant campus environment awaits students interested in media, and students in MECM can be leaders on campus and in surrounding communities.