Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Global Business

  1. Demonstrate competency through the 302-level in written and verbal communication in a second language.

  2. Identify and understand the challenges and opportunities of operating a business or non-governmental organization in international settings.

  3. Utilize critical thinking to produce sound strategic decisions by identifying, comparing, and contrasting how foreign and domestic businesses formulate strategies and operate globally.

  4. Develop a capacity to meaningfully evaluate a company (or non-profit) performance with the application of appropriate financial and statistical techniques as well as accounting methods.

  5. Demonstrate an interdisciplinary knowledge of at least one other area of the world outside of the United States.

  6. Develop a critical understanding of the foundations and varieties of capitalism around the world and understand their impact on current business practices.

  7. Utilize verbal communication skills to engage an audience with a coherent, persuasive research presentation.

  8. Accurately apply written communication skills to produce in-depth written analyses of course readings and/or cases.

  9. Accurately assess the global operations and challenges of an individually assigned, internationally active, major company during a semester-long analysis, in order to provide intelligent, informed recommendations to strategic dilemmas.

Learning outcomes for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences