Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics

Students graduating with a BS degree in Financial Economics will:
  1. Generate constructive analysis of real world issues using the theories of economics, including macroeconomic and microeconomic theories or theories of economic institutions.

  2. Produce a constructive assessment of an economic problem by drawing upon relevant data and utilizing suitable tools and theories in financial economics and accounting.

  3. Efficiently locate, effectively utilize, and critically interpret economic information and data using econometrics, statistics, accounting or economic and institutional theories.

  4. Identify complex problems and arguments and analyze those using the theoretical tools and quantitative methods of economics.

  5. Effectively communicate economic ideas, problems, and findings to both lay and professional audiences.

  6. Complete an independent research project demonstrating appropriate mastery of research methods in financial economics.

Curriculum Map

Learning outcomes for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences