Student Project Fund


Each year, Johnston raises money for the Student Project Fund through our Vintage Johnston Wine Tasting and Dinner.  This event, now in its 10th year, is a collaboration between wine expert John Slater and Johnston founding faculty member (and wine lover) Bill McDonald.

Current students may apply for a grant to help support projects related to academic and community goals. For example, students have received grants to support senior projects, student facilitated classes, projects included in your cross-cultural experiences (though not basic travel expenses), performances, theater and film productions. We hope that the fruits of your work can be presented to the community in some way.

The deadline for grants is in the fall. If there are additional funds available in the spring, then we'll accept another round of applications at that time.

Each proposal must include a narrative description of the project for which you seek support and a detailed budget. These grants can be competitive, so be as thorough as possible.

The proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Academic Policy Committee, who will decide which ones to fund, and at what level. In the past requests have exceeded available money, so even successful applications may not received the full amount they had hoped for.

Questions: Julie Townsend, Director.