Student Project Fund

The Student Project Fund is a grant available for current Johnston students to apply for each academic year. Students may apply for the grant to help support projects related to academic and community goals. For example, students have received grants to support senior projects, student facilitated classes, community projects, cross-cultural experiences, performances, art exhibitions, publications, theater and film productions.

The deadline for the Student Project Fund is determined by the Johnston department during the fall semester. If there are additional funds available in the spring, Johnston will accept more applications at that time. The best way for students to stay informed is to read their emails and/or attend weekly Community Meetings.

What is the Application?

The application is a written proposal that includes a narrative description of the planned project and a detailed budget of the funds needed. The proposals are emailed to Johnston's Department Coordinator, Kerry Robles in the form of a Word document or PDF file.

What is the Process?

The proposals are reviewed by faculty on Johnston's Academic Policy Committee (APC). Reviewers will decide which projects to fund. Sometimes students' proposals exceed the money available. Therefore, even successful proposals may not receive the full amount proposed. APC does their best to fund as many projects as possible each academic year.

How is this Grant funded?

Each year, Johnston raises money for the Student Project Fund through the Vintage Johnston Wine Tasting & Dinner. This annual fundraiser began in 2006 and is a collaboration between local wine expert John Slater and one of Johnston's founding faculty members (and wine lover) Professor Emeritus, Bill McDonald. Johnston alumni, faculty, and friends attend the dinner which is open to the public. For more information, contact the Johnston Director.