The Johnston Commencement

This is the perfect capstone to your career at Johnston, and nearly everyone participates in it. You may participate in the ceremony if you are a Mayor August graduate, and if you have no more than 6 units to complete. December or January graduates "walk" in the ceremony the following May. If you do have an incomplete, your diploma will be given you when that work is finished. The Johnston ceremony typically takes place in the early afternoon on the lawn in front of Bekins Hall. There is also a more traditional graduation ceremony early in the morning at the University's Greek Theatre, in which you are also eligible to participate.

The events of graduation week, including the ceremony, are planned by each year's senior class, but the basic pattern rarely changes. The atmosphere is informal, the structure minimal. A faculty member or a Johnston representative is invited to speak, and the University President confers your degree in the time-honored words. You are presented your degree by the person or persons of your choice - a faculty member, a friend, your parents - who make a few brief remarks. Then you do the same. It's the final, and most moving, individualized part of the Johnston program.