The graduation review committee

During your senior year you will have two important meetings about your approved contract. The first is with the Johnston Registrar to be sure that everything is in order and going according to plan. Make an appointment with the Johnston Registrar in September of your senior year to do this. Any missing evaluations must be run down, and any incompletes finished. It is important that you take an active role in obtaining any missing evaluations. By April, you should schedule a meeting with the Registrar for a final grad check. If you are rewriting your narrative, or making any other final changes, they need to be turned in to the registrar at this time. After that meeting, your Graduation Review Committee can be scheduled, usually during the last two months of your Johnston career.

This group has the responsibility of determining whether or not you have actually fulfilled your graduation contract, by reviewing your final contract and course listings. Your advisor will submit a "precis," a one page summary of your narrative evaluations and college career to the Committee, and s/he will once again say a few words about your work. Then, as before, the Johnston Registrar will review your work one final time, and the Committee will ask you questions. After appropriate discussion, the Committee will vote whether to recommend you for graduation. Since you are still enrolled in classes, the Committee can only recommend that you graduate contingent upon completion of your currently outstanding work.

You choose the faculty and student members of this Committee, and are urged to invite other non-voting friends to attend. The meeting celebrates your graduation, and gives you a chance to look back over your career and reflect on your experience at Johnston. If there are serious questions about the fulfillment of your contract, this is where they are settled. It has long been a tradition that after the Committee votes to recommend you for your degree, that you bring food and drink to celebrate the moment with committee members and friends. It's a tradition worth keeping: do your part!