The addendum

Frequently there are changes in your contract between the time of its approval and your graduation; your plans may alter, or certain courses may not be available. If there are changes, even such minor ones as substituting courses with the same discipline; discuss them first with your advisor. Next, get an "Addendum form" from the Johnston secretary or the Registrar's office. Fill it out, making very clear the reasons for the changes. When your advisor has signed the form, give it to the Johnston Director WITH: courses listed by both discipline and chronologically (both what you planned to take and what you actually took) AND the Registrar's notes from your grad contract committee (Teresa's notes about the suggestions and stipulations--email Teresa if you need another copy). The Director will decide if the changes are small enough that no further meeting of the Committee is required. You then take your form to the Johnston Registrar to be sure that it becomes part of your permanent record. If the Director judges the changes to be more substantive -a change of concentration, for example - then she/he will reconvene the Committee and the process outlined above will be repeated.

Important: Addenda must be completed before your grad check and grad review. Failure to do so can - in fact, almost certainly will - lead to your graduation being delayed. This is largely a simple, non-threatening clerical matter - unless you let it go.