Graduation contract check list


  • As a sophomore and/or first semester junior, write your graduation contract in consultation with your advisor by the first semester of your junior year. (If you plan to go abroad as a junior, your narrative must be submitted in fall of the sophomore year, and your contract on file before you leave campus.

  • Type it up and give it to the Johnston secretary, who has a schedule of the Graduation Contract meetings. You also need to give her both your schedule, and your advisor's schedule.

  • Have your contract approved by the Graduation Contract Committee.

  • By your senior year, satisfactorily complete all the academic work for which you have contracted, earning a minimum of 128 units. Submit addendum forn1s for the changes in your contract. Meet with the Johnston registrar and complete your "grad check." Have this completion certified by the Graduation Review Committee.

  • Participate in the Johnston Commencement (not required, but certainly desirable!).