Sophomore Graduation Contract

If you are a sophomore, meet with your advisor during the first two weeks of fall classes to discuss writing your *Sophomore Graduation Contract. This document contains three parts: (1) Narrative (2) Course Listing by Chronology (3) Course Listing by Discipline. Your contract should address the three pillars of a Johnston education: Depth, Breadth, and a Cross-Cultural component. Sophomore Contracts go to committee in the fall semester and are due on Student Planning by September 30, 2021. A committee will be formed and scheduled to meet with you and your advisor to discuss your plan for your Johnston education. Be sure to read all emails from our Department Coordinator, Kerry Robles, about this process.

Please Note: Contrary to local legend, your Sophomore Graduation Contract meeting is not a “dissertation defense” or an “interrogation session." It is a chance for you to meet with your advisor, two current Johnston students, two faculty members, and the Johnston Registrar to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed academic plan. It is basically a big advising session! You will get many suggestions, some questions, and a bunch of recommendations. Sometimes, if the entire committee (including you) agrees to some fundamental changes, you may get a stipulation. Mostly, you will receive recommendations from committee members. The Johnston Registrar will take notes for you and your advisor to guide you during your educational journey. If you do receive a stipulation, it just means that it is something you must complete in order to graduate from Johnston Center / College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Redlands.

Remember, the Sophomore Graduation Contract is essentially a living document that will shift and develop as you proceed through your undergraduate years. You will work closely with your advisor throughout your time at Johnston to follow the spirit of your contract. If your coursework dramatically changes, please contact the Johnston director to find out if you need to go back to committee. For little changes (for example: substitution of courses for something similar), you will write an addendum during your senior year when you re-write your contract for graduation.

If you have questions about the Sophomore Graduation Contract, please contact your advisor and/or the Johnston assistant director,

*To get a feel of the document you are expected to write, try reading some past Graduation Contracts.