Internal Transfers

Welcome! If you're here, it means you are re-considering your college path. Johnston students, faculty and staff have collectively worked for 50+ years to create intentional education and community. While each Johnston student crafts a unique educational path, we work collaboratively to live and learn together.

*How do I transfer into the Johnston Center?

  1. Contact M. G. Maloney, assistant director of Johnston to schedule a meeting:
  2. Review the Johnston Web pages for an overview of Johnston's academic and living-learning community. 
  3. Identify an advisor familiar with advising Johnston students. To start, ask your current advisor if they advise Johnston students. If they do not, ask them or M. G. for a recommendation. 
  4. Upload your Sophomore Contract by September 30, 2021
  5. Consider attending Johnston Community Meetings, every Tuesday at 4pm PST. Email M. G. for the video conference link. These meetings are open to all University of Redlands students/faculty/staff. At these meetings you can chat with current Johnston students/faculty/staff, hear important academic and community-building announcements, learn how to get involved in the Johnston community, and more!
  6. Consider enrolling in a Johnston JNST seminar. Contrary to popular myth, you don't have to be a Johnston student to take a Johnston seminar! They are open to all University of Redlands students as long as the student is willing to write a course contract and self-evaluation.

 *Please note, students must have less than 48 units completed by fall 2020, in order to transfer into Johnston. This is to allow for plenty of time to complete the map to your education, which is your Sophomore Graduation Contract. You can think about your Sophomore Graduation Contract as an application to transfer, if you will.

**Optional** Read about Johnston's 50+ years history, as an established leader in alternative education: