Information for Seniors

Units required to graduate: 128

Important Dates for Seniors and their Families:

  • If you plan to graduate in December, please note December 6, 2021 is the last date for Graduation Reviews
  • Johnston's Commencement Ceremony: May 1, 2021 via Zoom. An email invitation will be sent to Seniors to distribute to their friends and families.
  • If you plan to graduate, you must communicate with your advisor, Kerry Robles, and your Graduation Review Committee Members on selecting a date and time.

Q. What is a Graduation Review?

A. The Graduation Review is your "rite of passage" out of college, the Johnston Center, or whatever life experiences you have survived and relished in the last four to five years. This is the meeting where your advisor may read an objective précis of your education based on your course evaluations. Your faculty and peers will ask you questions about what you've learned. You can reflect on how you took ownership of your education, what worked, what didn't, what the communities were like (or not like) for you. It is the most exciting and memorable aspect of the Johnston academic process. Graduation Reviews are required in order to graduate from the Johnston Center.

Q. How do I Schedule my Graduation Review?

A. Graduation Reviews are scheduled by Kerry Robles, Johnston's Department Coordinator. But you must coordinate with Kerry to find out the dates and times available in the Johnston calendar, as well as your advisor and committee members to find out which day/time works for everyone. Graduation Reviews do not exceed one hour.

Checklist for Seniors:
In addition to the commencement information for seniors on the website, please use the following instructions to help guide you through the graduation process. If you haven’t checked off everything on this list, you will know that you are not finished. Graduation Reviews must be scheduled and ALL graduation paperwork with signatures must be submitted three weeks before the date of the Graduation Review.

(1) I am aware of the dates available to have a Graduation Review. I know that I CANNOT schedule a Review outside of these times.

(2) I have checked with Kerry Robles for available times for Graduation Reviews and selected a date. I have done this three weeks prior to the date I have selected. I am aware that this date won’t be mine until the next step is completed.

(3) I have checked with my advisor(s) on their availability.

(4) I have contacted and confirmed my committee and taken the “Graduation Review Scheduling Sheet” to each committee member to sign it. (Please note, this is done via email during the 2020-2021 academic year.)

(5) I have turned in the “Graduation Review Scheduling” sheet or sent an email to Kerry Robles and made sure my committee was written on the calendar.

To Get My Documents in Order for the Grad Review and Graduation:
(A) I have all the documents I will need to write my Addendum forms: a copy of my original contract, my contract summary, and my current transcript.     

(B)I have typed my Addendum forms and uploaded them here.

(C) I have rewritten my Graduation Contract (narrative and course listings). My advisor has read my rewrite and given me feedback, as needed.

(E) I have uploaded my Graduation Contract here.

Other things I need to do:
I am contacting faculty who have not yet written my evaluations.

I have asked someone—friend, family, professor, dog—to give me my diploma at commencement, and they have accepted.

If I have student loans, I have completed a Financial Aid Exit Interview.

Most Importantly:
I am done and now ready to relax!

Important: If you are waiting on evaluations from faculty, now is the time to nag them to write them. Your advisor will need evals from all your courses in order to write the best possible précis. You do have the option of writing your own evaluation for the course and then asking the faculty member to sign it. Teresa and the director will then be able to post that evaluation to your file.

We will deliver copies of your contract packet to all of your committee members. If you would like to advertise for your grad review, then just bring your poster to the Johnston office and we will copy it for you.

You will pass, we assume, contingent on completing work and taking care of any other issues with your contract. Remember that you will not have a degree until you complete all of your units, all of your stipulations, and all of your "paperwork" is completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please resolve them with your advisor as quickly as possible.