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Dr. Tony Rousmaniere

The Sentio Supervision Model: Deliberate Practice, Video, and Outcome Data

June 12 - 6 hour Workshop

Enhance your clinical supervision with the Sentio Supervision Model! The Sentio Model includes Deliberate Practice, video, and outcome data in a 50-minute supervision session. This workshop includes a lecture, video demonstrations, and multiple live demonstrations with volunteer supervisors from the audience. We will walk you through how to use two useful forms: the Sentio Supervision Preparation Form and the Sentio Supervision Model.  Supervisors who are interested in participating in live demonstrations can volunteer by emailing Tony Rousmaniere at

Tony Rousmaniere is Executive Director of Sentio Counseling, Program Director of the Sentio MFT Program, and incoming president of the Psychotherapy Division of the American Psychological Association. He is the author/co-editor of many books on deliberate practice and psychotherapy training and the APA series “The Essentials of Deliberate Practice” (APA Press). More about Dr. Rousmaniere can be found at