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Do You Know Why Marketing Is Important? Then Consider an MBA in Marketing

There are plenty of reasons why marketing is important. That’s why marketing continues to be a popular career path for business professionals. As you explore the options for your MBA concentration, consider how the marketing track can help you create a stable and fulfilling career.

Marketing maintains excellent career opportunities.

Companies recognize why marketing is important. Business success depends on the ability to attract customers. Because marketing is a necessary business function, the demand for practitioners remains steady. According to the Occupational Information Network (ONET), the marketing manager is a “Bright Outlook” occupation. It will continue to have a large number of job openings. From 2016 to 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects overall employment to grow by 10 percent.

Choosing marketing as your MBA concentration will prepare you to answer the demand for highly qualified marketers. Students in the University of Redlands’ online marketing MBA program develop critical 21st-century business skills for marketers, including analytical and digital competence. They focus on the customer while learning how to operate and understand marketing scenarios in a global marketplace. Leading organizations recruit Redlands’ graduates for marketing jobs, many of which come with a lucrative salary. ranks Redlands among the top twenty-three percent of Best Universities by Salary Potential.

Marketing is a versatile field.

A career in marketing offers unmatched variety. Because every business needs marketing to achieve its goals, marketers can work across industries. In the next 12 months, all four economic sectors (B2B and B2C products and services) anticipate growth in planned marketing hires. Certain industries, like education, technology, and communications/media, will likely significantly expand their marketing budgets. This surge in spending will create even more opportunities for marketers.

Earning an MBA in marketing will equip you with transferable skills for diverse business environments. Redlands’ online MBA graduates work as marketing leaders in consumer products, health care, education, travel, and beyond. As students, they develop as strategic thinkers, effective leaders, and data-driven problem-solvers. They’re trained to analyze and apply marketing concepts to the fluctuating conditions of our business world.

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Marketing is dynamic.

Marketing is an enduring yet ever-evolving area of business. In 1966, the McKinsey Quarterly predicted that the rise of customer focus, marketing research, and the computer would transform marketing. Today, marketing experts anticipate the downfall of ads and a surge of creativity and authenticity. As strategies and tools evolve, marketing professionals must embrace and understand how to navigate the change.

As you pursue an MBA in marketing, you’ll develop a deep understanding of trends and established theory. Students on the marketing track of Redlands’ online MBA program examine the shifting nature of international markets and marketing analytics. They also spend significant time studying the core concepts of marketing management and strategy. With a firm grasp of the past, present, and future, marketing MBA graduates can advocate for why marketing is important, maximize customer value, and achieve the greatest financial return in any business setting.

An MBA in marketing will expand your general business knowledge.

Regardless of where marketers choose to work, they require a broad set of skills. Creativity, natural leadership ability, and emotional intelligence are among the top prioritized soft skills. Proficiency in other business functions is also essential. Marketers should understand why marketing is important within an overall organization and identify how their decisions affect other areas.

By choosing an MBA in marketing, you’re positioning yourself to cultivate marketing expertise as well as fundamental business knowledge. Redlands’ online MBA in marketing is open to students regardless of their business experience. The program covers accounting and finance, organizational behavior, and information systems. Students also learn to analyze business problems from different perspectives. Equally important, they study ethical decision-making, a vital skill in today’s business environment. At Redlands, students become complete business professionals.

Marketers are master communicators.

According to ONET, 70 percent of marketing managers believe the ability to work with a group or team is vital in their role. Seventy-nine percent have face-to-face discussions at work every day. Effective marketers are strong communicators. They can clearly explain their decisions, justify why marketing is important, and collaborate across departments as well as with external resources.

As you work towards an MBA in marketing, you’ll develop the communication skills needed for a long-term business career. Students in Redlands’ online MBA program analyze and practice communication through coursework and team and leadership situations. The curriculum explores intergroup dynamics, leadership, and organizational design. Students learn how to make complex business decisions by leveraging the 21st-century business skills of collaboration and persuasion.

Earn Your Marketing MBA online with the University of Redlands

If you understand why marketing is important to business success, then explore an MBA in marketing from the University of Redlands Online. Our ACBSP-accredited program connects diverse professionals to a cutting-edge, globally minded curriculum. You’ll build your business savvy, develop 21st-century business skills , and join a network of more than 60,000 Redlands alumni.

To learn more about our online MBA, download the program guide by completing the form on this page.

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