Sustainable Business in Venice, Trieste, and Ljubljana 

Travel Dates: May 15-25, 2024

Trip Destinations:  Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana

Travel Cost, land only: $2,800 - $3,200 (note that travel costs do not include UofR tuition or international airfare between the US and the foreign destination).

Program Leader:  Allison Fraiberg, Professor

Deposit: A deposit of $500 will save your spot for this trip

Guests, family, and alumni are always welcome to participate in our programs.

The natural beauty and historic cities of the northern Adriatic will be our classroom as we explore how business is conducted sustainably in this stunning European region. Join us as we travel from the dreamy canals of Venice, to the vibrant coastal port city of Trieste, to Slovenia’s majestic lakes and castles. Discover the ways imagination and entrepreneurship combine to shape sustainable futures in the changing business landscape. We will see up-close the centuries-old craft of luxury velvet-making in Venice, hear from leaders at a Venice-based sustainability incubator, learn trade strategy from an Italian wine global exporter, and network with entrepreneurs in Slovenia—Europe’s designated “green” capital.

This course combines pre-travel virtual class sessions with overseas seminars, company/organization visits, and cultural immersion. The primary focus of this travel course to Italy and Slovenia will be sustainable business. What sustainable business issues and prospects are particularly relevant for Italy and Slovenia? What are the strengths and weaknesses of industries in this region? What will the future hold? What can businesses outside of the regions studied (e.g. U.S. businesses) learn and do to build sustainable options?

For more Information: Please email Professor  Allison Fraiberg ( or call 909-748-8767.

To Register: Contact Erik Maiershofer ( or Charlotte Roth ( or call 909.748.8748. Registration packets can be found at the bottom of the International Programs general website page ( Note that there are different packets depending on whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or guest. 

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