Jessica Rosales

Esri Technical Certification Program Manager and the Global Training Ecosystem Product Owner
Executive Committee Member, Center for Spatial Business (CSB)

Jessica Rosales


MBA, GIS Emphasis, University of Redlands, School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Business, University of Redlands, School of Business

About Jessica

Jessica Rosales is Esri’s Technical Certification Program Manager and Global Training Ecosystems Product Owner, which supports Esri distributor training organizations and enables customer-responsive training for consistent worldwide  customer experience. She was formerly also an adjunct faculty in the School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences at University of Redlands.

She holds and MBA with GIS Concentration from University of Redlands and has co-authored several journal articles and conference publications on digital divides in the U.S. and Latin America and on renewable energy.


Courses Taught

University of Redlands, School of Business, Bachelor of Science in Business courses:

· BUSB 333 Business Information Systems is an introductory organizational and managerial overview of information systems. Assessing and constructing data and information for decision-making, designing interactive and spatial information systems, and assessing their ethical implications. Communicating effectively in a systems development environment.

· BUSB 433 GIS for Business is an overview of GIS and spatial analysis applied to organizations. Focus on geographic information, location-based decision-making, spatial data, investment in and value of GIS, ethical aspects, and GIS strategies. Students learn through case studies and lab practice with spatial data.

University of Redlands, College of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Management courses:

· BUS 369 emphasizes student learning through lectures, case studies and logical in-class thinking exercises. The basics of managing to generate maps through cloud-based GIS and spatial digital libraries will be covered, with hands-on lab practice available in the classroom and at home. The course culminates in a course project that solves a business problem chosen by the student, which provides the solution using ArcGIS Online. 


The content within this section is provided for students as an example of the content that was listed within my first GIS focused resume. I had just graduated, and I quickly learned that the achievements listed below were unique to our University and highly valued within our community. I’d like to bring awareness to these opportunities and offer my support to students that would like to learn more about these achievements and other GIS resources on campus. 

MBA, GIS Emphasis - University of Redlands, School of Business, Redlands, CA

· 2015 – Graduated GPA 3.945 of 4.0 scale

· 2014 – Excellence in Business Graduate Award Recipient hosted by the Center for Spatial Business

· 2013 – Selected as Graduate Research Assistant Intern for the Center for Spatial Business

BS in Business - University of Redlands, School of Business, Redlands, CA.

· 2013 – Graduated High Distinction GPA 3.96 of 4.0 scale

· 2012 – Whitehead Leadership Society Induction for the demonstration of academic excellence and leadership in the classroom and in the community

· 2011 – Randal Walker Ethics Award Recipient hosted by the Banta Center for Ethical and Purposeful Leadership

Esri e-Learning – My Esri Transcript

· 2013 to Present - Completion of instructor-led courses, web courses, and exposure to various whitepapers to support the growth of my ArcGIS skills 


Technical Certification Program Coordinator, Esri 2015 - Present

·      Executed project management techniques to organize 70 subject matter experts, during 35-workshops, and 220-touchpoints.

·      Updated the exam publication database to shorten time to market and reduce exam development costs.

·      Modified the exam delivery environment and proctor management system to meet exam test delivery constraints to enable the support of 8 regional offices, 10 proctors, and over 150 test takers.

·      Created consulting process and supporting materials to enable higher education institutions to integrate ArcGIS certification attainment as a campus offering.

·      View my Esri Blog about certification alignment.


Adjunct Faculty, University of Redlands, School of Business 2015 - Present

·      Teach 8-week accelerated business-focused coursework with ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst Web App, Story Maps, and Survey 123 to understand the business value and decision-making opportunities gained by implementing a GIS and spatial analysis. 

·      Support faculty success with curriculum specific technology updates and development workshops presentations. 

·      Engage with local businesses to create consulting opportunities for students to provide GIS support as coursework projects.  

·      View my University of Redlands profile. 


Center for Spatial Business Executive Committee Member    2015 - Present

·      Locate and process data based on user criteria.

·      Implement ArcGIS Desktop, Business Analyst Web App, and SPSS workflows to examine multiple variables within a dataset and evaluate data accuracy.

·      Apply different research methods to identify patters and relationships within the data.

·      Communicate risks and opportunities found within the data to stakeholders to enable decision-making. 

·      View my published textbook chapters, refereed proceedings papers, grant report to U.S. Department of Commerce, and professional conference presentations on my ResearchGate profile.


AAG-Esri GeoMentor2015 - Present

·      Became a member of the American Association of Geographers (AAG)     

·      Support students and faculty GIS learning goals. Most engagements surround GIS Day, Esri events and conferences, and social media engagements. 

·      View my GeoMentor Spotlight.


Stater Bros. Markets1992 - 2015

·      23-year career, supporting all levels of in-store operations and departments.