Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society

What Is Delta Mu Delta?

Delta Mu Delta Honor Society honors outstanding business students like you for academic achievement and excellence through lifetime membership and benefits. The Society encourages creating a Delta Mu Delta community that fosters the well-being of members and the business community.

An invitation to join Delta Mu Delta confirms that you have a proven track record of working hard to achieve excellence in your studies. It shows that you have the knowledge and drive to succeed in a business career.

Delta Mu Delta honor society logo

What Do You Get When You Join?

An Honor
You’ve earned it, so use it:

  • Wear your key whenever you are engaged in business-related pursuits.
  • Display your certificate with pride.
  • Include membership on your resume.
  • Use “Member of Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society” on business cards.
  • Celebrate graduation in a Delta Mu Delta honor cord or stole.

You are a member for life.

Access to Scholarships
Over $66,000 in scholarship awards is available to members.

Acknowledgment for Federal Employment
Membership enables you to enter federal employment as GS-7 rather than GS-5 in many professional positions, starting at a higher salary.

Access to Real-World Business News
Delta Mu Delta members receive a complimentary one-year subscription to both Fortune and Money magazines, renewable at a steeply discounted rate.

Photo of a Delta Mu Delta ceremony

We Are Delta Mu Delta Members!

We’ve earned membership by excelling in our studies and have accepted the invitation to join. We develop member-to-member relationships. We build a community by working together. We make business better by upholding high standards for achievement and ethics.

Founding: The Society was founded in 1913 by professors from New York University, Harvard University, and Yale University who believed they should give recognition to outstanding students. Their vision has guided Delta Mu Delta for over 100 years.

The Society Key: The badge of the Society is a key in the shape of the Greek letter delta. The Greek initials of the Society appear on its front, and above them is a full-rigged ship with sails set and colors flying, symbolizing the activities of the business as a bond that unites all people. Only Society members may wear this trademarked key.

The Society Motto: Delta Mu Delta stands for the Greek phrase “Dia Matheseos Dynamis,” or “Through Knowledge, Power.” Our goal is to support people who have the power, through what they have learned, to manage creatively for social and economic good.

Professional Affiliations: As a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, Delta Mu Delta supports high standards for recognizing achievement as signified by honor society membership. Delta Mu Delta is the Honor Society for business programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).