College of Arts and Sciences Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions
The University believes that the best education takes place in a challenging and humanizing environment, one that fosters intellectual growth and personal development. We want students who possess high levels of motivation, involvement, commitment, and accomplishment.

Selection Criteria
Candidates who apply to the University of Redlands will be evaluated individually by admissions officers or the Faculty Admissions Review Committee. The following factors are considered:

1. Academic record. We are interested in the student who has performed well in a demanding curriculum. The quality of academic achievement (as demonstrated by high school grade point average) during the sophomore through senior years for first-year students and in college-level work for transfers is the single most important factor in our decision-making process. Preferential consideration will be given to first-year students and transfers whose school records reflect a B average or better in academic areas.

2. Preparation. We recommend that applicants complete at least 16 credits in solid academic areas during high school, although the cumulative grade point average (GPA) is based on grades 10 through 12. No single academic schedule is required, but a college preparatory program is strongly recommended. This includes four years of English, three years of mathematics up to and including Algebra II, and two or three years each of foreign language, laboratory sciences, and social studies.

3. Standardized testing. We require either the SAT or ACT for all first-year applicants. SAT subject tests are not required. Test results should reflect the ability necessary to succeed in an academically demanding environment. We do not require the optional essay section of the SAT or the optional writing section of the ACT.

4. Application. When considering a student’s extracurricular activities and personal accomplishments, we look for quality and depth rather than quantity—factors that will enrich the campus community and increase the student’s sense of participation. When reading a student’s personal essay, we focus on both content and style.

5. Interview. A personal interview, although not required, is strongly recommended.


Common Application
The University of Redlands is one of more than 600 colleges that accepts the Common Application and is an exclusive user. It is available online at The application should be submitted along with the application fee, personal essay, and responses to the University of Redlands specific questions. Letters of recommendation, school report, transcripts, and other supplemental information may be uploaded with the Common Application or sent directly to the Office of Admissions.

First-year Student Application Procedure
An application for admission will be evaluated only after the Office of Admissions has received the following:

1. A completed and signed application with the appropriate application fee. The University of Redlands is an exclusive user of the Common Application and students can apply for admission at The application fee is $50.00, but a fee waiver may be requested if there is financial hardship.

2. Results of either the SAT and/or ACT. Applications and scheduled dates for these examinations can be obtained at secondary schools. The SAT code number for the University of Redlands is 4848 and the ACT code is 0464.

3. An official transcript. Applicant must send an official high school transcript directly to the University of Redlands Office of Admissions. Hand-delivered transcripts, even if sealed, cannot be accepted.

4. Two letters of recommendation. One should come from an administrative official (counselor, director of guidance, dean, vice principal, or principal) and the other from a teacher of an academic subject at the last school attended. If the applicant has been out of school for more than three years, the reference forms may be written by two people (except relatives) qualified to provide an evaluation of personal qualities and academic abilities.

Transfer Application Procedure
Because of the valuable contributions that students from varied educational experiences and backgrounds make to the University, Redlands welcomes applications from transfer students.

To be considered for admission, a transfer applicant must have graduated from secondary school or the equivalent and must have completed at least 24-semester credits of transferable college-level work. Transfer students should have a record showing that the majority of this coursework has been in academic courses and have two solid semesters of full-time work with no less than a 2.0 in any one course at the time of applying. We also recommend that, in the absence of other strongly supportive academic evidence, a student possess a minimum GPA of 2.8. If fewer than 24 credits have been completed, an applicant will be reviewed according to first-year student procedures. The University will accept up to 66 credits from a community college transfer and 96 credits from a four-year college transfer, but the last 32 credits prior to graduation must be completed at the University of Redlands.

An application for admission will be evaluated only after the Office of Admissions has received the following:

1. A completed and signed application with the appropriate application fee. The University of Redlands is an exclusive user of the Common Application and students can apply for admission at The application fee is $50.00 but a fee waiver may be requested if there is financial hardship.

2. Official transcripts of record from the last high school and each college attended. (No portion of a college record may be omitted in consideration of eligibility for admission.) Transcripts must come directly from the high school and each college attended. Hand-delivered transcripts, even if sealed, cannot be accepted.

3. Letter of recommendation. This should come from an academic instructor.

Admissions Options and Actions

Fall Semester Admissions
First-year students applying for the fall semester may submit an application either for early action or regular action. See deadline dates below. The early action deadline is non-binding. Applications for the fall semester are available one year prior to the desired enrollment.

Transfer admission is done on a rolling basis with a priority deadline of March 1.

Spring Semester Admissions
Application deadline. Spring matriculants must have a completed application on file by November 1. The application will be processed when the file is complete on a policy of “rolling admissions.” As most mid-year entrants are transfers, they are advised to request all official transcripts well ahead of the November 1 deadline.

Johnston Center Admissions
Students applying to the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies are expected to meet the same requirements for admission as the regular undergraduate applicant. In addition, students must complete the Johnston Center Supplement.

Deferred Admissions
A student who is offered admission may wish to enroll for a later semester than the one indicated on the letter of admission. To defer admission, a request in writing must be submitted to the Office of Admissions along with your $350 non-refundable tuition deposit. Students approved to defer must not enroll full time at another institution. Deferred students who wish to take a course at another institution must receive prior approval by the Office of Admissions. A deferred file will be kept active for two semesters. After that time, the candidate must submit a complete readmission application.

Guest Students
A student who is a degree candidate at another institution may attend the University of Redlands as a guest student on a full- or part-time basis. A simplified admission procedure is provided for such students. Inquiries should be addressed to the Study Abroad Office. It is the guest student’s responsibility to check whether credits taken at Redlands may be transferred to the degree-granting institution. University of Redlands scholarship aid is not available to guest students.

Part-Time Students
Students who are not pursuing a degree may take up to 8 credits per semester. Degree candidacy on a part-time basis is limited to students of non-traditional college age who hold permanent employment or have family obligations. Admissions must approve such candidacy. No more than 16 credits of non-degree, part-time coursework may be applied to candidacy.

Appeal Procedure
Students seeking to appeal an admission decision can write to the Faculty Admissions Review Committee through the Office of Admissions. Additional documentation in support of the appeal must be provided.

Tuition Deposit Deadlines

Applicants who are offered admission and decide to enroll must submit a $350 non-refundable tuition deposit to guarantee a place in the class. The deposit, which will be applied toward tuition and fees, must be submitted prior to the published deadlines. For the Fall semester, the tuition deposit deadline is May 1 (National Candidate Reply Date) for first-year students and June 1 for transfer students.

Other Dates and Deadlines

  • November 1 
    • Application deadline for the Spring semester.
  • November 15 
    • Early Action deadline for the Fall semester for freshmen applicants.
  • January 15 
    • Regular decision deadline for the Fall semester for freshmen applicants. Students seeking “need-based” financial assistance should apply by this date.
  • March 1 
    • Priority transfer deadline for the Fall semester.
  • May 1 
    • National candidate’s reply date for freshmen applicants. $350 non-refundable tuition deposit due. International students should submit the $350 deposit in the form of a bank draft in U.S. dollars, or with an American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card.
  • June 1 
    • Transfer student reply date. $350 nonrefundable tuition deposit due.

Graduate Program Admissions
The College of Arts and Sciences offers master’s degrees in communication sciences and disorders, music, and geographic information systems. Please refer to the appropriate department sections in this Catalog for more information.