Report an issue or incident

Any person, student or otherwise, can generate a Communication Record regarding the actions or behaviors of a University of Redlands student or organization. The Communication Record will then be forwarded to the Office of Community Standards for review and any applicable resolution. We welcome submissions because we are committed to creating and maintaining a culture of mutual respect and caring at the University of Redlands.

To report emergencies such as immediate threats to life or property, contact Public Safety at 909-748-8888 or the Redlands Police Department by dialing 911 or 909-793-1911. Please do not use a Communication Record for emergencies.

You can submit a Communication Record here. To report an incident of hazing or organizational misconduct, please report it here.

To help us be effective, please be sure to include as much specific information as possible regarding the incident in your Communication Record, while still being concise. Also, please clarify who is making observations using the third person (“Mr. Jones”) rather than first person (“I” or “we”) can be helpful in clearly communicating what happened.  

While it is only human to speculate about how and why something happened, for the Communication Record try to only include factual and objective information. Opinions and irrelevant facts may be edited from the final version of the Communication Record.

It is most helpful if Communication Records answer the following questions:

  • When did the incident occur?
  • Where did the incident occur?
  • How did the "author" of the Communication Record become involved in, or aware of, the incident?
  • Who was involved (include the names of students and others)?
  • What was witnessed or observed?

We will do our best to resolve any disputes, misunderstandings, or failures to comply with community standards. Our ability to do so, however, does depend on having sufficient information about a concern.

If you would like help submitting a Communication Record, please reach out to the Office of Community Standards at 909-748-8259. Communication Records can be submitted anonymously; however this often significantly limits what can be done in response to the reported information. For this reason, we encourage those submitting Communication Records to identify themselves. Typically the person reporting is contacted before any steps are taken, to better understand potential concerns about being identified and maintaining appropriate privacy. 

Please use this link to report an issue or incident regarding hazing or organizational misconduct of any kind. 

Use this link for all other issues or incidents, not related to hazing or organizational misconduct.