Off-Campus Community Standards

Dear Off-Campus Students,

The University of Redlands, the Redlands Police Department, the Institute for Public Strategies, and  Responsible Redlands are proud to be working together to foster positive relationships between neighbors in our local community, and helping University students stay safe by educating them on how to prevent crime while living off-campus, and how to be positive members of their communities.

Remember, the University Code of Community Standards does apply to student behaviors that take place off-campus. The University and local law enforcement partner in various ways, including sharing information, to keep our community safe. Students who violate local or state laws, or fail to uphold any other University Community Standards while off-campus, should expect that the University will respond using our Community Standards Process to investigate and adjudicate when appropriate.

Below you will find two informational flyers with tips on neighborhood safety, important information about local laws and applicable penalties, and tips for being considerate neighbors. Please read this information carefully. You will also find important numbers for who to call in an emergency and non-emergency situations.

As a first step, we strongly recommend taking time to introduce yourself to your neighbors, learn about your neighborhood and the people living there, and start the year off positively.  Having strong relationships with neighbors is also shown to reduce incidences of crime.  We hope you find this information helpful. 

If you have questions about University expectations, local laws, and ordinances, or anything else related to living off-campus, feel free to contact us. 

Stay safe and stay well,

Office of Community Standards

Residence Life and Housing

Public Safety

Informational Flyers: Important info about local laws and safety