Five Essentials for Wellness

No long lists, no complicated diagrams–just five things to try to get a little more of. Find that balance to LiveWell.

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Learn more about each essential below!


Seek opportunities that excite, absorb, and fulfill you. 

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Engaging in experiences outside of your routine or comfort zone expands and diversifies your interests, broadens your perspective, and deepens feelings of joy and happiness. When you are fully immersed in something you enjoy and that challenges you, time slips away and you find yourself in a state of flow. So, pick up a book, attend a speaker on campus, or simply choose activities outside of your habits. Immerse yourself in different and challenging experiences to LiveWell.

Discover these opportunities on campus:

Find a good read at Armacost Library

Grow your own plant at the Campus Community Garden

Immerse yourself in Community Service Learning

Study abroad 

Take a class outside of your major that interests you



Movement is medicine.

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The human body is meant to live in motion- walking, running, dancing, and everything in-between. Reducing sitting time and increasing active time can prevent and reduce symptoms for physical and mental health diseases, improve mental focus and clarity, and help manage stress. Some physical activity is better than none. So, take a walk outside, lift weights with a friend, plant a garden, or dance the night away. Prescribe yourself a daily dose of movement to LiveWell. 

Get movement from these campus programs and services:

Practice yoga at the meditation room 

Join an intramurals sport 

Compete in a club sports team 

Venture with Outdoor Programs 

Exercise at the Fitness Center 


Connection to others brings us meaning and joy.

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Relationships have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. Quality connections are associated with longevity, reduced health risks, and better health habits throughout one’s life. They can help us be less sick, feel less stressed, and provide us a sense of meaning and purpose. Even a brief hello or a laugh with a friend can give us positive benefits. So, set aside some time each day to talk on the phone, share a meal together, or ask the cashier how their day is going. Spend quality time with others to LiveWell.    

Connect with others through these campus resources:


Schedule a wellness coaching session to help you achieve your goals 

Learn more about opportunities provided by Student Involvement and Success 

Join a club or organization 


Shift out of stress-mode to care for your mind.

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Stress and anxiety put your body into “fight or flight” mode. Our bodies are not meant to be in that mode for long periods of time- it negatively impacts both our mental and physical health. Finding techniques that work for you to reduce your stress can improve focus and performance, mood management, fight against sickness, and aid in recovery. Some ways to find calm include journaling, prayer, meditation, breathing practice, or taking a walk outside. Reflecting on what you are grateful for daily can increase positive thinking and outlook, which provides a break from worry and stress. So, check in with yourself and find those techniques that work well for you so that you can LiveWell.

Find ways to calm on campus:

Practice meditation in the Meditation Room

Visit the prayer group

Enjoy the peaceful LaFourcade Community Garden

Walk the Labyrinth (located by the Memorial Chapel)


Listen to your body and fuel it with what it needs.

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Sleep, water, and food are the fuel your body needs for its daily functioning. Drinking water daily, sleeping eight hours, and trying to have fruits and veggies at every meal help repair the body and brain for a stronger immune system, protection against life’s stressors, and increased focus and attention. Pay attention to your body’s needs and make it a priority to refuel to prevent illness and burnout. So, choose water over soda, fill your plate with colorful vegetables and fruits, and make sure you are prioritizing your sleep. Restore your body to LiveWell.  

Campus resources to replenish:

Harvest Table

Student Food Support Pantry