The CARE Team

It can be difficult to notice all of the things going on around you, but there are many signs that a student may be in distress. Knowing what to look for and how to respond, and/or report, can help. The CARE team can help you respond and report your concerns. 

The CARE Team mission statement:

The mission of Campus Assessment, Response & Education Team at the University of Redlands is to identify students who are experiencing distress/difficulty or displaying behaviors that put themselves or others at risk, and connect those students with campus or community resources to help them manage the distress and resolve the issue(s) at hand so that they can maintain wellbeing and academic achievement. The CARE team also works to educate the university community around issues of wellbeing and university resources and referral options to create a community in which members look out for one another, care, and will be proactive in addressing individual or community concerns.

The CARE Team syllabus statement:

The University CARE Team exists to help provide support and resources to students that are overwhelmed, experiencing significant distress, or possibly present some risk to themselves or others.  If I notice any signs of risk to self or others, I may speak with you individually, and will likely notify our CARE Team.  This does not mean a student is “in trouble;” rather, a trained person will likely reach out to that student to talk with them and determine how the university can support and connect them to resources.  Similarly, if any student in the class has a concern for the wellbeing of themself or of another student, please speak with me individually or any person can make a referral to the CARE Team via this link.  More information is available on the CARE Team website as well.

Student Referral Sheet.pdf

If you would like to report a concern to the CARE Team, please refer to the graphic below on who the appropriate contact is.

supportive resources chart


If you would like to talk with a member of the CARE Team, please call the Office of Student Affairs at 909-748-8053.  If you have questions or concerns, any member of the CARE Team will be happy to talk with you about referrals.  Below is a list of commonly used resources:

The Counseling Center
Information about Off Campus Mental Health Care Providers
Academic Success and Disability Services
Public Safety

Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund, intended as a financial resource for students with unique needs, reflects the kindness and commitment of generous donors. All enrolled University of Redlands students who are unable to meet immediate, essential needs due to a temporary hardship that is, for example, related to an unforeseen or emergency situation, are eligible to seek the support they need. Requests for funding are reviewed by a Case Manager who meets with the student applicant to gather information that informs their decision. The financial support provided is not considered a loan and does not require repayment; however, some funds may be considered income and are therefore subject to federal taxes. For more information or to fill out a Student Support Fund application click here.