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May Term and Summer Housing

May Term Housing and Meal Plan

Only students enrolled for a May Term course are eligible for student housing for the duration of May Term. Students living on campus for the spring semester maintain their housing assignment for May Term, with the exception of communities which close for the term. The only community closing for May Term 2022 is the Grove Apartments. Students enrolled in a course in that complex will be relocated to a new housing assignment in the Brockton Apartments on Sunday, May 1st. Relocation information will be sent to students enrolled in a May Term course from Residence Life and Housing by the end of April. Please also note that all students enrolled in a May Term course who are living on campus are assigned the May Term meal plan.

  • Closing May Term 2022: Grove Apartments will be reassigned to the Brockton Apartments, with moves taking place on Sunday, May 1, 2022 from 8-10am.

Students participating in a study away program for May Term may continue to live on campus until the date of their trip’s departure, as some programs are on campus for a few days prior to travel to complete coursework for the trip. Students participating in a study away program must check-out of their housing assignment by their trip’s departure, however, some may decide to complete it at any time leading up to that date. To complete their check-out, students will fill out an Express Check-out envelop, enclose their keys, and turn it into a staff member. The only study away students who are permitted to continue the use of their housing assignments are those who will return to campus with enough time to pack and remove their personal belongings by the time the communities close for the summer on Friday, May 27th at 2pm.