Welcome! Next Steps for Housing

Hello New Bulldogs!

The Residence Life and Housing (RLH) team cannot wait to welcome you to our residential communities in January! Residence Life and Housing strives to establish an educational living and learning environment for students to enhance their academic experience. The department is committed to its mission of Building Lasting Communities of Learning and strives to do so by meeting its goals:

  • Resident engagement
  • Staff experience
  • Overall morale

Please review the information below to learn about the housing intention form, personal profile,  hall and room placements.

Housing Intention Form:

All incoming students complete a Housing Intention Form to communicate their living preferences with Residence Life and Housing through the MyRedlands Housing Portal. Students are responsible for reading and understanding all details of the Housing License and Meal Plan Agreement and Code of Community Standards. Students who wish to live off-campus at any point during the 23-24 academic year, and meet one of the four residential requirement exemption criteria, must petition through this form. The Housing Intention Form is due December 8th.

  • The Housing Petition form can be found on the MyRedlands Housing Portal under Applications and Forms.

Personal Profile: 

After completing the Housing Intention Form, you will need to complete your Personal Profile. We take great care to match students with roommates based on their Personal Profile information. When it comes to living with other students, you may be surprised to find someone with very different interests can still share many of the same living traits that are important in a good roommate, for example similar sleep or cleanliness habits.

  • Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal and click on Personal Profile
  • Then click on My Info and select Spring 2024 from the menu labeled For the Term.
  • After completing the information and clicking Save at the bottom of the page, click on Roommate Profile to provide additional contact and personal information.
  • Remember to click Update Roommate Profile at the bottom of the page to save.

RLH will make hall and room assignments based on the information provided on your Housing Intention Form and Personal Profile.

Hall Placements & Room Assignments:

For billing purposes, your housing assignment, which you can find under Assignments on your MyRedlands Housing Portal, currently reflects "Generic Housed". Generic Housing is a placeholder used while assignments are being processed. Incoming students are assigned this category which is replaced by the assigned hall and room once assignments are complete.

In our next correspondence, we will talk about next steps such as meal plans and move in information.

Should you have any questions, please email Residence Life and Housing at RLH@redlands.edu.
Residence Life & Housing | University of Redlands
rlh@redlands.edu | 909.748.8053