Message on 5/15: Summer Housing Confirmation and Instructions


Thank you for applying to live in Summer Housing in Holt Hall. This message serves to notify you that your application has been considered and approved for placement. Please review all the information below thoroughly, as many of your questions about roommates and next steps will be answered.

1) Personal Profile: Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal and update your Personal Profile for Summer 2022.

  • Click on Personal Profile and then on Summer 2022 located in the "For the Term" dropdown.
  • Update the answers to the questions and click Save.

2) Roommate Selection: Search and match with a roommate.

  • Navigate to the MyRedlands Housing Portal.
  • Under the Housing and Roommate Selection tab, click on Select Roommates and then on Summer 2022 located in the "For the Term" dropdown.
  • Search for (use the “Begin Search” button to see all eligible students) and select the student you want to live with under Roommate Requests.
  • Instruct the other student to visit their own portal to accept the request under "Pending Roommate Requests."

3) Room Selection: Pick a room to live in within Holt Hall by following the prompts on your MyRedlands Housing Portal.

  • Click on Select a Room/Suite on the Summer Housing tab located under the Room Selection section on the home page.
  • Verify the student you want to live with under Roommate Group.
  • Click on Select from Room and Search Available Beds.
  • Review the Roster to see where other students already have assignments. Holt Hall has gender inclusive housing, meaning any student may select to live with any other student. Once you choose a room you will not be able to switch your assignment, so be sure see who may have already selected to live in the room.
  • If you are currently living in Holt Hall, you have already been assigned to that space.
  • You will only be able to see the housing options available for the number of roommate(s) you are matched with and had selected in the prior section.
  • If you have selected a roommate and there are no options available, it is because only individual spaces within double rooms remain available. You will need to unmatch with your roommate for options with fewer spaces to appear.
  • Any unmatched students will need to make their own housing selection.
  • Consolidations: Throughout the Room Draw process, Residence Life and Housing actively reconfigures some housing arrangements to optimize selection options for the students who have yet to participate. For example, should two students select one space each in two double rooms, those two students would be reassigned as roommates to provide two students who want to be roommates the opportunity to select a double room instead of splitting up. In the event a student is consolidated, every effort is made to maintain the integrity of the original selection such as building location, room size, and bathroom type.

4) Summer Housing Check-in: Students will move on-campus or from their May Term housing assignments on Wednesday, June 1st from 3-5pm by visiting the Holt Hall lobby.

  • Although the halls close on Friday, May 27th at 2pm to all other students, you are permitted to remain in your current May Term housing assignment until the Summer Housing check-in. A red "Occupied" sign will be placed on the door to signal to staff you are still residing in the room until your move.
  • On Wednesday, June 1st from 3-5pm, staff will be available at the Holt Hall entrance to introduce themselves to you, provide you the keys to your assignment, and an Express Check-out envelope to return the keys to your prior assignment after completing your move.
  • Students moving from their May Term housing assignments are expected to complete their rooms by 11pm that day and will confirm they have done so by returning the keys to the staff member on duty that night. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at

Best wishes,

Residence Life and Housing

University of Redlands