Room Draw 2023 Information and Instructions


You have been assigned a date and time, based on your course credits and GPA, to participate in the Room Draw process to select housing for the coming academic year. Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal to see your Start Time, located under Room Selection on the home page. Please review all the information below thoroughly, as many of your questions will be answered.

Housing Inventory 

As stated in Dean Eddleman's communication on March 9th, Fairmont Hall will not house students next year. In addition, the University has also decided that North Hall will also not house students next year. Due to the North not housing students next year, Merriam Hall will now serve as a First Year Hall and will not be available to students during Room Draw. On the April 4th Housing Selection and Placement Process 2023-24 Reminders communication, we introduced the opportunity for students to select single rooms in Merriam Hall outside of the Accommodations Process during Room Draw on a first come first serve basis. As Merriam Hall will now house first year students, singles will now be offered around campus in Anderson, California, Cortner, Founders, and Grossmont. These single rooms will be charged at a Single Large rate, the room rates for the 2023-24 academic year can be reviewed on our website.

Single Large - Hall Bath: $8.488

Single Large - Suite Bath: $8,914

Single Large - Private Bath: $9,338

Any student requesting housing accommodations (i.e. single room, air-conditioning, etc.) for physical or mental health needs are instructed to complete the Accommodations Process with Academic Success and Accessibility (ASA). This process allows you to provide information about any medical diagnoses and request accommodations.

Room Draw 2023

Matching Roommate(s)/Suitemate(s): 

You will need to have selected and matched with all roommate(s) and, if applicable, suitemate(s) in advance. 

  • Navigate to the MyRedlands Housing Portal. 
  • Under the Housing and Roommate Selection tab, click on Select Roommates and then on Fall 2023 located in the "For the Term" dropdown. 
  • Search for and select the students you want in your housing group, including both roommates and suitemates, under Roommate Requests. Do not include students approved to live off-campus who will do so, anyone who will not live with you in a shared room or suite, or students taking a Leave of Absence. 
  • Instruct all members of your group to visit their own portals to accept the requests under "Pending Roommate Requests." 

Preparing for Room Draw: 

To have a successful Room Draw experience, it is best to prepare in advance a variety of housing options and scenarios with your roommate(s)/suitemate(s).  

  • Although you will not be able to make a selection until your assigned date and time, once the Room Draw process begins the morning of Tuesday, May 16th, you will have access to see what spaces remain available at any given time. 
  • Continue to refresh the page to see the available options by clicking "Search Available Rooms." 
  • Keep in mind, the housing options presented to you are only those that will house the number of students within your matched housing group. For example, a group of three students will see room and/or suited room configurations with at least three or more bed spaces available, leaving out rooms that only have one or two spaces because there is no availability that meets your criteria. 

Selecting a Room:

To make your room selection, follow the prompts on your MyRedlands Housing Portal at your specified date and time. Once you choose a room, you will not be able to participate in any of the remaining Room Draw opportunities. 

  • Click on Select a Room/Suite under Room Draw. 
  • Verify the students you want to live within a room and/or suite under Roommate Group. 
  • Click on Select from Room List to select room filters and click Search Available Beds. 
  • Review the Available Rooms and Rosters for availability and to see where other students already have assignments. 
  • Again, you will only be able to see the housing options available for the number of roommate(s)/suitemate(s) you are matched with and had selected in the prior section. 
  • If there are no options available for the entire group, you will need to unmatch with students for options with fewer spaces to appear. We recommend you first unmatch with suitemate(s) to see individual rooms remain open for you and your roommate to select separate from proposed suitemate(s). 
  • Any unmatched students will need to enter the Room Draw process at their next best date and time to make their own housing selection. 

Assigning Rooms/Beds: When selecting a room or suite during Room Draw, you will identify a roommate/suitemate designation for each matched student in your group and assign them a particular bed arrangement. 

  • Place the students in your group into individual bed spaces using the dropdowns, paying particular attention to the room number in suited living environments. 
  • Click Submit Room Selection. 
  • Any students from your group that go unassigned are expected to themselves participate in the Room Draw process at their next best date and time to make their own housing selection. 

Consolidations: After the Room Draw process has finished, Residence Life and Housing will reconfigure housing assignments to optimize placements, and facilitate the Waiting List requests. Students will be notified via their Redlands email account if / when they have been assigned a new space.

Waiting List: This application will become available after the Room Draw process has finished, as changes to housing assignments take place throughout the summer. If you would like to be considered for an alternate housing assignment (e.g. your building preference was full on your Room Draw selection time), use this application. Please be aware that priority for single rooms is first given to students with a housing accommodation using the process above.



Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at


Residence Life & Housing 

University of Redlands