May Term Housing Assignments


We wanted to reach out to you and share some important information regarding moving communities for May Term. Thank you for your patience in hearing from us regarding your new housing assignment. The transition to May Term assignments can take a while because of the coordination with the Registrar's Office for those registered in a course, Athletics for sports teams finishing their seasons, and individual students who are on waiting lists. We also try our best to keep students in similar housing styles in their roommate groupings. According to our records, you are registered for a May Term course, on a waiting list for a course, or are an athlete still in competition and have been given a new housing assignment.  


  • Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal to see your housing assignment by clicking on May Term 2023 under Assignments.  
  • Your new space will be cleaned during May Break. 
  • May Term residents will move into their new assignments on April 29th and April 30th from 8:00-11:00am by appointment. Students will pick up their new keys in the Bulldog Room located in Hunsaker. 
    • If you are unable to make it to the above appointment times to pick up your keys please call your new hall’s duty phone from 7:00pm-7:00am. 
  • Residents from East, Grove, North, Merriam, and Williams need to move to their new assignments by 5:00pm on April 30th. Failure to move out by this time will result in an improper check out. 
  • When you pick up the keys to your new May Term room assignment you will be given an express check out envelope and will have until May 1st to return your Spring assignment keys to the Student Affairs Office, located on the second floor of Hunsaker. The Student Affairs Office is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Failure to turn in keys by this deadline will result in a room recore at your expense.  

To ensure a proper check out: 

  • Please clean your entire space including your bedroom, bathroom(s), and kitchen and living area (if applicable). This includes:  
    • Remove all personal belongings. Double check that your drawers and closet is empty.  
    • Restore your room to its initial condition at check-in, including furniture set-up.  
    • Take all trash and recycling to the dumpsters. Please put trash inside the dumpsters and do not leave near or around the dumpsters. 
    • Wipe down all surfaces including furniture and walls.  
    • Vacuum and sweep the floor, including under the bed.  
    • Leave your drawers and closet doors open in preparation for your RA inspection. 
    • Remove any adhesive substances from walls and doors. 
    • Remove trash and unwanted items from the room to the dumpster and remember to clean and leave behind the trash can and recycling bins.  
  • Consider donating any unwanted items at the Donation Drop Off on April 18th and April 22nd from 11:00am-1:00pm at the bottom floor of the library. 

 To avoid hall and closing fines

  • Improper Checkout Fines ($50+) are given to students who do not follow the proper check out guidelines. Make sure to use and leave the End of Year Checklist on your door, including removing all items and trash out of the room by your check out time.  
  • Collective Hall Fines ($???+) are distributed to students in a community when specific people are unable to be identified as responsible for extra cleaning, damage, or replacement of community items. To help your community, clean up your personal belongings from any community spaces, take out trash and unwanted items to the dumpster, and report any damages or vandalism to a Resident Assistant as soon as you learn of the need. 

May Term Move Out: 

The residential experience will close for the summer on Friday, May 26th at 2pm. 

Regular Check-Out 

  • Contact your RA to schedule a check-out inspection at least 48 hours prior to your move-out date. 
  • Remove all of your belongings and clean your space prior to the inspection.  

During your check-out appointment, your RA will inspect your space, collect your keys and check you out of your assigned space. This appointment is important because it can potentially save you from getting billed for an improper check-out. A secondary inspection will be completed by your Community Coordinator and Facilities Management to assess any fees for trash, cleaning and damages.  

Express Check-Out

Express check-out is for students who do not complete a check-out inspection with their RA. By completing an express check-out, students waive their right to contest any damage charges. 

  • Once you have removed all of your belongings and cleaned your space, utilize the Express Check Out Envelope provided by your RA. 
  • Deposit your keys inside the check-out envelope then seal and sign it. 
  • Turn in your envelope to your Resident Assistant or the front desk of Student Affairs. 
  • Fees for cleaning and/or damage charges will be processed by Facilities Management and Residence Life and Housing after move-out. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at

Have a nice day,
Residence Life & Housing 
University of Redlands | 909.748.8053