Housing Information and Move-in Instructions


The Residence Life and Housing staff is excited to welcome you to campus very soon for the start the school year! Please review all the information below thoroughly, as many of your questions will be answered.

Housing Information: Visit your MyRedlands Housing Portal to see your hall, room, and roommate(s) assignments. When reviewing the information under Room Assignments on the homepage, give particular attention to the room numbers to understand those that are roommate(s) versus suitemate(s) in rooms with suite-style bathrooms. There may have been an update to your placement since room assignments are actively consolidated throughout the summer to optimize the availability of rooms for all students and to also process requests from the Singles and Waiting List.

Move-in Appointment: Returning students will move in on Saturday, August 27th. All move-ins will be by appointment only and the Move-in Appointment Time scheduler is available on the MyRedlands Housing Portal. Please note, students with a balance due on their student account will not see the scheduler or be permitted to move into their housing assignment until settled with Student Financial Services.

  • Please visit your MyRedlands Housing Portal and click on "Select a Time Block" under Assignments, located on the home page, to reveal the available arrival times.
  • Notice the times are reflective of your current location, so if you are outside of pacific standard time, be sure to take into account the time-zone difference.
  • Once you make a selection in the dropdown, click on "Update My Time" to secure your appointment.
  • You may change your appointment through the end of Tuesday, August 22nd.

If you cannot access the scheduler a balance remains on your student account. Once this has been settled and processed, which may take up to 48 business hours, the scheduler will appear on your MyRedlands Housing Portal.

Early Arrivals: Some students, new and returning, will move-in earlier than the published arrival dates as they are members of an Early Arrival Group. These students have prior permission to check-in at a different date/time and will receive additional information about move-in from their group's representative. These students will not see the Move-in Appointment Time scheduler. Should a student want to arrive earlier than their arranged time, they may fill out the Early Arrival Request form on the MyRedlands Housing Portal under Applications and Forms to arrive one day prior to their scheduled arrival date for an additional cost.

Meal Plan: To view your current meal plan or to make a change, please visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal by September 2nd. After this date, the next opportunity to make an adjustment to your meal plan is leading up to the beginning of the next semester. Visit the Harvest Table website for more information about meal plans and rates.

  • Click on Meal Plans, click on Dining Plans, and then select Fall 2022 (CAS) from the menu located to the right of the Filter box.
  • The meal plan currently assigned to you will be listed. Click on a different meal plan option under Change my Meal Plan and click Purchase Meal Plan to change your plan.
  • A record of your meal plan selection history will be listed, with the one at the top being the plan currently assigned and being charged to your student account.

Empty Space: In the event you have an empty space in your room or apartment, now or in the future, a roommate will be assigned to you. For this reason, remember the bed and furniture for this space must remain available at all times. If you have an idea of who you would like to move into this space, please communicate that information with RLH@redlands.edu as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee requests will be met, but will do our best.

Leaving or Moving Home: All students at the University of Redlands live on campus unless they meet specific exceptions. All students who will be approved to live off campus have already been approved. If you are a student approved to live off campus, or decide to take a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal, you must notify RLH@redalnds.edu PRIOR to the start of the fall semester. It is very important for us to know immediately if you will not be living on campus for any reason (e.g. choosing a different institution, taking a Leave of Absence, or moving home) so we may offer the space to another student.

May Term and Hall Closures: Only students enrolled in a May Term course are able to live on campus during May Term. All students not in a May Term course will move out by Sunday, April 23rd at 2pm. Students who are enrolled in May Term should also know many of the communities will close for May Term (likely East, Fairmont, Grove, Melrose, North, Williams, and others), meaning those residents will be provided new assignments to move to on Sunday, April 30th. Please keep in mind for this reason, students in the halls that remain open will be assigned new roommates for May Term.

Should you have any questions regarding your housing assignment or meal plan, please email Residence Life and Housing at RLH@redlands.edu.

Best wishes,

Residence Life and Housing

University of Redlands