Room Vacancy Information


As we prepare housing assignments for the spring semester, we want to connect with you regarding the vacancy within the room/apartment of which you live. Below is a list of options regarding how to either fill the space or participate in the consolidation process for yourself to be reassigned. It is our aim to work together with you in the next steps, but please be aware that lack of participation or communication will not exempt you from the process. Should we not hear from you, decisions will be made on your behalf to either place a student with you or assign you to another space within the community.

  1. If you have an idea of who you would like to move into this space, please communicate that information with us as soon as possible by emailing While we cannot guarantee requests will be met, we certainly will do our best.
  2. Should you be interested in finding your own roommate replacement, please reach out to the other students in this message who are also residents within the community. Each of you has a vacancy and by coordinating together, you have the ability to meet one another before the communities close for Winter Break and create a Roommate Agreement in advance of living together.
  3. You may let us know of your desire to have our assistance with possibly relocating you to another room or community. In that event, we can introduce you to other residents looking for roommates to see which you prefer.

At this time, please be reminded an empty bed space and the associated furniture must remain unused as a roommate may be assigned to you at any time. We try our best to communicate with you regarding possible roommates and facilitate a meeting in advance, however, a roommate can be assigned to the room without notice depending on the context for the move. This is especially important to keep in mind over breaks, including Winter Break, as there continue to be adjustments to housing assignments leading up until the beginning of the spring semester.

Should you have any questions, please email Residence Life and Housing at

Best wishes,
Residence Life and Housing
University of Redlands