Men of Brawn & Science we are excited to announce and invite you to our 87th Annual Rendezvous on Saturday, April 13, 2024. More time at the house with more brothers and less time on the golf course.  Registration is now open!

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Kappa Sigma Sigma

Nickname: The Birds 
Colors: Green and Gold 
Values: Tradition 
Year Founded: 1916 

Kappa Sigma Sigma has been working with the campus and the Redlands community for 100 years. The Men of Kappa Sigma Sigma stand for maintaining tradition and professionalism. The organization is always striving to hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to academics, professionalism, morals, and involvement on campus. Each year the organization hikes up to the "R" as a tribute of those who made the monument over a hundred years ago. During the 1950's - ‘60's the "R" was forgotten and was revitalized by members of Kappa Sigma Sigma. 

Greek Transparency Act

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