"Being a student in the Religious Studies Department uniquely captivated and transformed the way I view the world. From the diversity of courses offered to the caliber, experience and passion of the professors; opportunities for learning were endless.  To this day I continue to value the ways in which knowledge from each course was directly tangible and applicable to the world and situations I encounter in my daily life.  My experience was both transformative and unforgettable.”   




Janae E. Quezeda, class of 2011

Cum Laude: Religious Studies and Communicative Disorders

Theta Alpha Kappa

2014 graduate of Master of Divinity - Harvard Divinity School 

Currently pursuing Doctorate of Ministry at McCormick Theological Seminary




Chevalo Duckett is a fourth year student in the Religious Studies department. "Raised as a non-denominational Christian, I longed to learn more about Christianity’s origins and also other practices not related to my own. I knew that there was a much to learn outside of Christianity as a result I began studying other traditions. My desire to become a Religious studies major was through searching for the unanswered questions I had within and finding the answers for myself. The department provides information on traditions and goes in depth on how texts were intended to be viewed compared to current translation. From my experience the professors have been and continue to guide me along my Religious studies path."